What Men Secretly Want: Emotional Intimacy

cosmopolitan what men secretly want

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cosmopolitan what men secretly want

Essentially, this guide teaches you how to become irresistible to men and understand their relationship needs better. The guide offers techniques and ideas to evoke a man’s attraction by intensifying feelings of respect and desire. Beyond understanding men, James’s guide instructs you on managing your expectations in a relationship. Women often have unrealistic hopes when dating men, and this guide helps set those expectations straight.

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The guide helps you understand your man’s thought process and what he expects from the relationship. You’ve probably experienced those times when everything seemed perfect, and yet, your man started drifting away. His responses got slower, he began flaking, and you check these guys out couldn’t quite figure out why. When you finally asked him what was wrong, he hesitated to open up after all, men often keep their emotions to themselves. If only you knew what was going on in his mind, you could address his concerns and keep him devoted to you.

But with this guide, you can reverse the situation. The author provides specific strategies to employ when your man starts drifting. Think of these try this as your tools to bring him back from the emotional distance. Relationships can be fragile, especially when there are competing interests.

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