What’s A Good Vertical Jump? Average Vertical Jump By Age + Sex

record vertical jump

As a result there aren’t any official records from sports federations or committees. “This one felt a lot different than the previous time I had the record because once I had it taken away from me, I took it a little more personally,” Spell told the Rockland/Westchester Journal News. “I kind of had a chip on my shoulder to make sure that I got that back. I had an extra fire underneath. This jump felt much sweeter at 67 inches.” When you do an official vertical this content jump test, you use a device called a jump tester, which has thin plastic sticks in one-inch increments along the upper portion of a tall pole. The other key component that contributes to your vertical jump ability is the relative percentage of fast-twitch vs slow-twitch muscle fibers you have, also known as type II vs type I muscle fibers. Factors such as average lower body fat, higher muscle mass, and longer legs are all contributing factors.

When constructing this post our aim was to give you a look at the highest vertical jumps ever recorded in a range of different sport and fitness environments. The official NBA record for the tallest vertical jump is 65 inches. Brett Williams is the one who made this vertical platform jump in 2024. In this article I’ll discuss some of the current vertical jump records see as well as concepts to think about when discussing the limitations of human jump potential. The current highest standing vertical jump is 47.1 inches by Josh Imatorbhebhe and the current highest approach jump is 52 inches by Jamal Harris. Something can only be a world record or on all-time best if it has been measured and executed within the rules of the task.

Occasionally we see 19 year old genetic freaks breaking records like this, but to do the impossible would require being a genetic mutant and many years of hard training. I’m sure we could come to some sort of mathematical conclusion based on maximal force output calculations for athletes of certain biomechanical configurations, but it would largely be an estimation. I’ve put an asterisk next to this vertical jump measurement in the above table because there’s debate as to whether this should be accepted or not. This is an important distinction since the context dictates whether the vertical reached is high relative to the method being used. Kevin Bania could actually be considered the person who unofficially broken Evan Ungar’s record before Bret Williams came along.

A 65 inch jump blows a 47.1 inch display out of the water, but if we analyze the exercises themselves we can see why the 47.1 vertical jump is a better display of jumping ability. The problem is that while they just might’ve hit that world record (Doubt it!), their results are unofficial. The highest vertical jump ever officially recorded was 47.1 inches by Josh Imatorbhebhe at the 2015 Nike Football Rating Championships.

record vertical jump

However, on the vertical jump test, NFL players tended to score higher. Through the above article, we can see the difference in results between NFL and NBA Combine. You will find that NFL players tend to jump higher than NBA players. Kenny Gregory is the holder of the NBA highest my sources.

While a decent reach is required to join the NBA, the training regimen within the NBA itself doesn’t expand on training a player’s vertical. Instead, they allocate more time training for endurance to last the 4 quarters of play, each of which lasts 12 minutes. Jumping may seem simple on the surface, but behind every highlight reel is a complex process with various factors at play. From the form used when jumping, to the techniques involved in getting those few extra inches; even a person’s genetics are a major influence. A running jump involves a run up before the jump, which will add energy to produce an even greater leap. The better your running jump technique, the more energy you can add to your jump during the approach.

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