Watch: Athlete’s 67-inch Standing High Jump Breaks World Record

highest vertical jump ever

However, according to some unofficial information, player DJ Stephens has reached 46 inches. However, we were unable to find any information regarding this on the official NBA Draft Combine website. click here for info However, we also need to mention DJ Stephens when it comes to the NBA’s highest-standing vertical. Many people think that DJ Stephens has done a standing vertical jump up to 40 inches (101,6000 cm).

Furthermore, I have also explained every method’s difference and how they are measured. However, always remember there are different jumping styles, each of which has different variations. If you compare NBA and NFL players, the consensus is that NBA players are relatively taller on average. From all the data out there, we can get a rough idea of what is humanly possible. TheSportsMag is one of the best sports magazine websites on the internet that keeps you updated about all sports-related topics. Also, we provide an opportunity for readers to present their ideas on the table about sports.

He achieved this amazing jump by following vertical jump training exercises and a shock training protocol. On top of his unbelievable physical features he had a massive vertical jump. It is predicted that Wilt Chamberlain had a vertical jump of 40+ inches which is extremely impressive for a man of his size.

The highest vertical leap of Jordan Kilganon is 49.5 inches. The NFL Combine does not perform the vertical jump test with this method. The result of this method is a combination of two factors. They are the measure super fast reply of your standing reach and the measure of your jump after a quick run. Each of these methods differs in how the athlete performs the jump. Therefore, we should not compare their results with each other.

highest vertical jump ever

Although this is not an official standing box jump record we thought you might enjoy checking out his impressive jump. Interestingly, a man by the name of Kevin Banta has released a video of him beating the current standing two foot vertical jump world record. try what he says When constructing this post our aim was to give you a look at the highest vertical jumps ever recorded in a range of different sport and fitness environments. You are about to witness the ultimate collection of the highest vertical jumps ever recorded on film.

“I kind of had a chip on my shoulder to make sure that I got that back. I had an extra fire underneath. This jump felt much sweeter at 67 inches.” It has been reported that he has a legitimate 50 inch vertical. Michael Jordan’s vertical jump was officially measured at North Carolina. Over time, your vertical jumping technique will get better.

Prior to Justin Bethel breaking the vertical jump world record the title was held by Darren Jackson of Australia. Evan Ungars recent standing jump test effort was enough to beat the previous holder of the highest vertical jump in the world Justin Bethel. The current highest vertical jump world record holder for this particular jump is Canadian Evan Ungar. A vertical jump could be in the form of a box jump or perhaps a slam dunk. The unofficial record of 49.5 inches belongs to Jordan Kilganon. In 2016, Jordan Kilganon’s appearance at the NBA All-star Weekend made a memorable impression on many people.

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