Top 12 Highest Vertical Jump In NBA Basketball History!

highest vertical jump

Kadour Ziani is a 5’11 Slam Nation dunker who many people believe has the highest jump in the world at 60 inches. However, this has not been officially verified, so it’s fairer to give Evan Ungar the official’ record and Kevin Bania the unofficial’ record at 65″. Most standing vertical jump measurements are done using a vertec which is generally accepted as being slightly more accurate than a jump mat.

The Most recent highest vertical jump in the NBA combine was recorded by Justin Anderson at a not to shabby 43 inches. Although this is not an official standing box jump record we thought you might enjoy checking out his impressive jump. In the video you will witness Kevin Banta’s massive 64 inch standing vertical jump. However, the number of players who achieve that vertical jump is not many. This article showed that Brett Williams vertical jump achieved a height of 65 inches.

His number of vertical jumps at 52 to 55 inches would beat Josh Imatorbhebhe’s score. But again, there is no official record or video of him making this record. But we cannot consider him as the one holding the record for the highest verticle jump. The source Guinness World Record for the standing jump is set at 65 inches. In a standing jump, an athlete needs to jump from the ground to a platform that is set at a particular height. Though this jump is a vertical jump, it is actually known as a box jump.

highest vertical jump

A running jump involves a run up before the jump, which will add energy to produce an even greater leap. The better your running jump technique, the more energy you can add to your jump during the approach. As a result there aren’t any official records from sports federations or committees. If at some point in the future we’re all 7’5″ GigaChad super athletes such a good point who live forever and never get injured, I can’t see why we won’t break a 55″+ vertical jump at some stage. The issue with the running vertical is that very few professional sports institutions actually test it. This measurement device is considered fairly accurate, so I would personally accept this as a legitimate current world record standing jump.

In 2016, Evan Ungar made a vertical leap of up to 63.5 inches. Such a feat would significantly surpass the current known records and is considered beyond human capability in professional basketball settings. Ja Morant has an extraordinary vertical jump of 44 inches, highlighting his explosive athleticism. LeBron James’ vertical leap is an impressive 44 inches, contributing significantly to his court dominance. Beyond the pre-draft combine, Stevens is renowned for his high-flying dunks during games, providing some of the most memorable highlight reels.

These jumps could have been performed without following the actual techniques and rules. But these are proof that they are amazing in their fields. But while going through the process of finding the get the facts, I saw there are various vertical jump performances that deserve to be known. Compared to a dunk, the high jump relies much more on technique. You need to jump high, and you also need to have great timing and body control to cross the bar at the exact peak of the jump. In addition, the Fosbury Flop technique helps athlete clear a bar even though their center of gravity is actually lower than the bar.

The way to reach dizzy heights here is not only to jump high, but also to be able to tuck your legs as high as possible at the end of the jump to make the top of the box. Many reported vertical jump scores are based on rumors and are from jumps using techniques other than the standard ones as described above. Many of these jumps may have been achieved with a single step or a run up, compared to the usual technique for the standard vertical jump test from a standing position. As the protocol used for many of these scores are not listed, it is difficult to make direct comparisons to the best results listed above.

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