The Typical 14-Year-Old Boy’s Vertical Leap Fitness

average vertical jump for a 13 year old

Most of that has to do with the capacity of both genders to store and use the elastic energy in the extensor muscles of the lower limbs. The point of contention being the gender that uses the energy more efficiently throughout the jumping motion. Although most people inherently know how to jump after mastering this developmental milestone in toddlerhood, actually performing a proper vertical jump test takes a fair amount of skill and practice. For reference, Michael Jordan’s vertical jump is said to have been about 48 inches.

The Vertical Jump test is a very common test for measuring explosive leg power. There are many variations and technique for conducting this test, for a summary see direct and indirect vertical jump measurement methods. The expected results may be affected by these test variations – these norms should be used as just a guide, and are based on the vertical jump off two legs, no run-up, no pause, and with full arm movements.

Most of you should be able to test your vertical jump at home with this super simple method. You don’t need a ton of expensive equipment to get a fairly decent idea of what your vertical jump is. The rest of this article goes into page greater detail about how to set up your own vertical jump test so that your results are accurate. Click here to explore the GRIND Basketball portable shooting machine and embark on your journey to exceptional athleticism.

average vertical jump for a 13 year old

More pitchers and first basemen were postpubescent than players at other positions. The primary advantage of the Sargent vertical jump test is that it’s relatively simple navigate to these guys and easy to perform and is a great way to measure lower body power and explosiveness. Force plates are generally pretty accurate ways to generate vertical jump heights.

Finally, in this blog we also make comparisons for those competing in the various sporting codes, where jumping is important. That data has been retrieved this page from formal governing bodies for those sports. Generally you Test Your Vertical to establish how good you are before you start jumping competitively.

If you’re going for the chalk method, cover the tips of your fingers in chalk. Reach up and extend with your arm closest to the wall so that your middle finger is touching the highest point you can reach on the wall while keeping your feet flat on the ground. To measure a vertical jump at home, you’ll need a few basic items.

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