The Highest Vertical Jumps In Volleyball Updated 2024

yuji nishida vertical jump height

He was a key component in Japan’s first victory over Italy since November 11, 2001, as the team won its first match in over a decade. In the interview, he mentioned Yki Ishikawa, MasahiroYanagida, Michal Kubiak, and Hiroaki Asano as his idols. Spike height, otherwise referred to as spike reach or spike touch, is the highest point an athlete can reach in the air after a running vertical jump. Everyone knows Marshall is the godfather of vertical jump in volleyball, but I think it’s time we shine the spotlight on another incredible outside hitter out of Bulgaria. For a professional volleyball player, a vertical jump of 35″ (89cm) or more is considered quite good. The current highest vertical jump in volleyball belongs to Matey Kazyiski of Bulgaria with an astonishing 390cm spike height.

Just like for vertical jump, the answer to this question will depend on age, gender, height, and training age/experience, as well as position. As a disclaimer, it’s virtually impossible to get consistent, accurate vertical jump data for top level volleyballers. Yuji Nishida, a male volleyball player from Japan, is a well-known volleyball player in Japan. He is currently playing for the Volley Callipo team in the Italian Volleyball League. Nishida was a member of the JTEKT Stings for the first time in V.League when he made his debut on January 6, 2018.

Nishida had the opportunity to participate in Kaisei High School [ja]’s volleyball club practice in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture as he was a regular player since freshman year. His play there caught the attention of Masanobu Onishi, the volleyball team manager at that time, and Katsunari Fujita, the head of the team. In June of the same year, he joined the junior high school club team ‘NFO Ocean Star’, recommended by Fujita. I would estimate Yuji’s these details Stings contract would be somewhere between $100k $300k this season based on the factors I discuss in my professional volleyball player salary article. We don’t know this figure is for certain because his standing reach height isn’t public, but we do know that he has a 348cm spike height according to his Volleybox profile. After playing volleyball at an international level for several years, I now work out and write for Volleyball Blaze.

For women, an elite spike height would be around the 320cm mark while the college average for women is only 280cm. The earlier clip of Matey Kazyiski is of him testing his spike height/spike reach. Japan’s superstar Yuji Nishida has earnt a place on my list with his incredible jumping ability.

yuji nishida vertical jump height

As a former international level volleyball player, I now spend my days working out and writing for Volleyball Vault. I look for ways to bring my wealth of experience and have a peek here knowledge to create unique and insightful perspectives in my content. This was the target my national team coach had set for all us junior national level volleyballers.

His impressive vertical jump allows him to compete despite being way, way shorter than his opponents. My goal is to consistently produce the most valuable and insightful volleyball content available on the web. All views and opinions are my own and have been formulated from almost two decades of volleyball experience. At only 186cm tall, his 346cm spike reach is near world class and is seriously impressive for an athlete of his height.

Creating unique and insightful perspectives through my experience and knowledge is one of my top priorities. According to my professional volleyball player salary article, Yuji’s contract with the Stings is estimated to be between $100k $300k for this season. Basketball demands different types of agility and endurance as players need to be able to run up and down the court you could try this out all game. This isn’t the case in volleyball, so athletes can focus more on jumping as high as they possibly can. Even if the average vertical jump in volleyball is lower than 35″, I imagine it would certainly be higher than 28″, at least if we exclude liberos. There isn’t a lot of comparable data to definitively say but we know that the average NBA vertical jump is 28″.

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