Plyometrics For Vertical Jump Training 8 Best Exercises

plyometric workout for vertical jump

These exercises generate very high forces and should only be performed if you already have a sufficiently strong core. Also, make sure to have an experienced coach that can teach you proper form. If you perform these exercises correctly you will teach your body to use your strength his response more explosively. It takes quite a bit of strength, balance, and flexibility to make a clean pistol squat, so don’t hesitate to practice with assisted forms of this movement. If you fall on your back as soon as you bend too deep, you probably are missing ankle mobility.

However, don’t write jump rope/skipping off completely as part of your training regime. They will have you spinning your wheels and even worse may cause overuse injuries. They are not a cardio workout and are not designed to help you increase endurance. Vince Carter, Michael Jordan and Lebron James are a few examples of athletes who won the “genetic lottery”. Emphasis must be placed on minimising the duration of the entire jump movement. If you want more information on Vert Shock you can visit the official site, and you can also check out my review on the program where I talk about my experience with Vert Shock and the results that I got.

Adding variations will come in handy, especially as we adapt ourselves to the plyometrics exercises so that we can continue to progress our jumping ability to higher levels. Variability can also be used in a practical, rotating manner on the workout-to-workout level. I click this link now make use of this format in my book, Vertical Ignition, which has yielded some great vertical gains, particularly in track and field athletes. Holm also performs a version of this drill with a long series of single leg bounds leading into his penultimate takeoff series.

plyometric workout for vertical jump

Mr Verkhoshansky’s shock method required the athlete to drop from a certain height (eg bench) and absorb the shock  upon landing. It is this efficiency, elegance and power of movement that separates these elite athletes from the average Joe’s. When you observe the world’s highest jumpers in action you will notice their smooth, almost effortless movements and freakishly explosive abilities. I would suggest you expand your use of the medicine ball, as it has many other alternatives and exercise variations, such as the medicine ball broad ball jump.

If you play basketball, dunking is a workout you should include in your routine. This will go well with other activities that improve your vertical since you’ll be practicing reaching the rim and putting the ball in the hoop throughout your practice. The half-kneeling side toss is another excellent exercise for your shoulders, upper back, arms, and core. This movement emphasizes rotation and will help to develop the muscles needed for a powerful jump. Instead, you focus on moving quickly from side to side, minimizing your time on the ground. To do this, you land on one foot and then quickly switch to the other side.

The squat jump is actually used quite a bit to measure lower-body power. As well as improve explosive hip extension which is the foundation of athletic movement. If you get redirected here are strong, adding in plyos will optimize the rate of force production of the targeted muscle fibres.Plyometrics can be performed anywhere from 1 to 4 days per week.

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