Highest Vertical Jump Ever: Vertical Jump World Record List

what is the highest vertical jump

However, jumping high indicates you might be able to perform other tasks far more than the average person can. Through the above article, click here for info we can see the difference in results between NFL and NBA Combine. You will find that NFL players tend to jump higher than NBA players.

Moreover, different methods are also recorded other than the box jump alone. When you have a high vertical jump, chances are, your resum blog would be no less than impressive to scouts and other professional teams. Over time, your vertical jumping technique will get better.

Athletes constantly push their limits, training rigorously to achieve greater heights. It’s a fundamental metric in various sports such as basketball, volleyball, and track and field. Athletes who can achieve remarkable vertical jumps have a distinct advantage in these sports. The reason this figure will always be higher than any standing or running vertical jump is because you tuck your legs in during the jump. When we look at the NBA combine we find a player’s running vert is typically between 4-9 inches higher than their standing vert. Given the best NFL players has a standing vertical of 46″, 50-54″ is within the realms of possibility.

However, according to some unofficial information, player DJ Stephens has reached 46 inches. However, we were unable to find any information regarding this on the official NBA Draft Combine website. However, we also need to mention DJ Stephens when it comes to the NBA’s highest-standing vertical. Many people think that DJ Stephens has done a standing vertical jump up to 40 inches (101,6000 cm). This result does not appear to exist on the official NBA Draft Combine website. My guess is we’ll see a 48″ standing vertical jump and 55″ running vertical jump within the next 10 years easily.

You may have noticed that none of the big named players are mentioned in the top combine results. The term highest vertical jump ever can be interpreted in many ways. There are still a lot of factors that involve when a player is drafted high such as shooting drills, agility tests, physical and mental tools, and many more. However, this rating can serve as your basis if you want to measure a player’s jump performance according to the recognized standards. In addition, the long jump competition in an Olympic event has different mechanics than a vertical jump. If you’re wondering who has the highest vertical jump ever, worry not, as I’ve extensively covered this topic for you.

what is the highest vertical jump

In a testing environment, there are a few established rules for determining as well as validating the results. So it is important to show proof before they claim that they have jumped 48 inches or 50 inches in their garage. In the realm of vertical jumps, holding the check these guys out record signifies more than just a numerical feat. It symbolizes the epitome of athletic achievement the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and a burning desire to reach new heights. This is essentially equivalent to a 50 inch vertical jump height.

The guys below are pure vertical jump freaks, many of whom have joined the exclusive 50″inch club. Enjoy… The highest vertical jump in the AFL combine was 188 cm (34.5″) by Marvin Baynham. It is extremely difficult to say who which NBA player has the highest vertical jump. Take a look at the video below of a few guys casually jumping up on a stack of weights from a standing start.

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