Highest Vertical Jump Ever: Vertical Jump World Record List

highest running vertical jump

Vertical Jump World is the #1 online vertical jump training hub. Some of these people are genetically gifted and others choose to follow a proven vertical jump training program to achieve their massive hops. Stephon holm is more info a professional high jumper who at his peak is believed to be a member of the exclusive 50 inch vertical jump club. He achieved this amazing jump by following vertical jump training exercises and a shock training protocol.

Daniel Kabeya might be the highest jumper in the world at the moment. On top of his unbelievable physical features he had a massive vertical jump. It is predicted that Wilt Chamberlain had a vertical jump of 40+ inches which is extremely impressive for a man of his size. Michael Jordan’s vertical jump was officially measured at North Carolina. This is an extremely impressive effort considering Lebrons size.

This makes it a far less important area for NBA players, pushing them to focus on other aspects of their athleticism. However, the record of Kadour Ziani originates from unofficial information. This article will refer to the Guinness World Records, NBA Draft Combine result and the NFL Scouting Combine result. Players from both the NBA and NFL have performed the most significant jumps in the world. Each of these methods differs in how the athlete performs the jump. Therefore, we should not compare their results with each other.

highest running vertical jump

Check out our investigation into Michael Jordan’s vertical jump for more info on exactly what M.J did to jump so high. You can learn more in our analysis of Lebron James vertical jump. Many readers ask us “who has the highest vertical jump in the NBA?”.

If you compare NBA and NFL players, the consensus is that NBA players are relatively taller on average. Be sure to check out our massive article that will show you how to jump higher for volleyball. He is the only NBA player to ever score 100 points in a game and averaged 50.4ppg in an NBA season. internet The thing is that the combine is not compulsory and many of the big names choose to skip the weekend. The big named players agents and managers usually recommend they don’t attend. There is always a risk of injury and many do not need to prove themselves to talent scouts by this stage.

Unfortunately, jumping isn’t sufficiently large enough to be categorized as a sport, so when it comes to finding the best scores, things can get a little muddled. It’s hard to pinpoint the advantage a specific number or person in this field since most numbers aren’t really verified. You might think that NBA players are the ones with the advantage in the high jump.

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