Eight Weeks To A Better Vertical Jump

vertical jump training program pdf

If you have any trouble understanding my descriptions of the exercises, YouTube them to watch a video of the exercise being performed. That will give you Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday off, which provides a meaningful more info opportunity for your body to recover in between sessions. Continue with these training habits for the duration of the six weeks. Bulgarian Split Squats mainly work out your quads, glutes and inner thigh.

One, power is the ability to exert force quickly, so the athlete needs to enhance his or her ability to exert force. Two, most power exercises like plyometrics are more effective for stronger athletes. The second quality is the ability to apply your strength quickly. In other words, being strong is good, but you also have to know how to use your strength. As we’ll discuss, a lot of exercises help you to develop this. This is a skill, meaning it must be practiced to be perfected.

Start standing with your front foot flat on the ground and your back foot elevated on a bench. Now lower yourself slowly into a deep squat position while making sure that the knee of your front leg doesn’t move in front of your toes. Use the back leg for balance, but don’t put too much weight on it. You can shift the stress from your quads to the glutes by moving the front foot further away from the bench. This exercise is also often called “line jumps” because you draw a line on the ground and try to hop from one side to the other as fast as possible. Keep your core stable and look for very quick ground contacts, jump height is NOT important in this exercise.

This is a great exercise for weaker athletes that are not yet used to high-impact plyometric exercises. It prepares the body to better coordinate the high forces during landing and prepares them for real depth jumps. Power Skipping is a great exercise training the explosiveness off of one leg. image source The goal is to jump as high as possible of alternating legs while keeping a slow jog forward. While doing the exercise focus on driving the knee of the off-leg as far to the chest as possible. This exaggerated movement will improve the power of your leg swing and your one-leg vertical.

4 jumps and completing the square equals one repetition. Now from a standing start, jump and touch as high up the wall or pole as you possibly can. You’ll need your read what he said friend to watch and see where you touch so that there’s no confusion. Get your friend to climb the ladder and mark where you were able to reach on the wall.

The training volume is already quite high and if you are doing anything else on top, your true results will be masked by fatigue and you’ll likely end up disappointed.

vertical jump training program pdf

The article itself is very good and goes in-depth about how one should go about increasing their vertical. There is a little of everything, plyos, weights, and jump technique. The program itself is bodyweight but you can adjust it as you see fit.

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