9 Top Exercises To Improve Your Vertical Jump For Basketball

how to increase your vertical jump for basketball

Whether you’re soaring for thunderous dunks or outmaneuvering opponents for rebounds, a powerful vertical jump can transform your performance on the court. With this exercise, you’re going for maximum distance instead of height, but the benefits will carry over to your ability to jump vertically. The med-ball broad jump is great for developing hip explosion, due to the power aspect that comes from loading the hips with the hinge-type motion, says Khan. This next block looks to develop the counter-movement aspect of the jump, which means an improvement to the functioning of the muscle-tendon unit. You will likely be able to lead to a higher intensity with the trap bar jump in comparison to the squat jump, which is useful as we are hoping to develop force across a range of velocities. Notice that key lifts such as the back squat and hip thrust are still included to help maintain muscle balance, strength, and mobility.

how to increase your vertical jump for basketball

This is the foundation of your athletic development. This is the first thing your “workout program” should address. Here are 3 form corrections you can make right away to start jumping higher… Then re-test after trying “step 2” below and then every 3-5 weeks of your workout program.

(This finishing squat is not a crucial part of the exercise just a safe way to land.) Catch the ball as it rebounds if you can, or, if the wall is further away, let the ball fall. If they’re wider than that, you won’t learn here be able to translate as much power from your legs directly into the ground. Drive your knees outward without moving your feet, so you feel tension in your hips. This will turn the hips on for better jumping power.

This is the basis of what I have used with hundreds of basketball athletes over the past decade, with excellent results. What this tells us is that they have already trained their specific jumping abilities a great deal, and there are limited gains to be made by purely focusing on this aspect. It doesn’t matter how much get the facts more jumping they do they will not improve their jumping ability more because they have reached their ceiling. Instead, then, we must look at the weakness (which, in this case is literal weakness). By increasing their strength and overall force-producing ability, we will increase their overall capacity to jump higher.

Before we get into the exercises that will build your jump height, warm up with these moves from Onnit’s Director of Fitness Education, Shane Heins (@shaneheins). They will help to improve mobility in your hips as well as durability in your knees and ankles, improving performance and reducing the risk of injury. Plyometric training is a form of exercise that has grown more popular over the years, with athletes like J.J.

Many players don’t realize their core is crucial to their vertical (and explosiveness and agility). Rest is crucial for muscle growth and repair, allowing the body to recover from strenuous training sessions. Stand with feet together, jump forward as far get redirected here as possible, and land with both feet simultaneously. Measure the distance from your starting point to the landing point. With a higher vertical leap, players can dominate the rebounding battle, securing possession and initiating offensive opportunities.

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