TMJ Disorders

tmj chiropractor

Chiropractors target the cervical spine, upper back, and shoulders to alleviate tension and improve mobility in the jaw. Manual adjustments and soft tissue therapy are commonly used to ensure the natural position of the jaw and eliminate stress from misalignments and find relief. This article aims visit the website to explore the effectiveness of chiropractic care in alleviating TMJ pain and improving jaw function. By employing manual adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and targeted exercises, chiropractors focus on realigning the jaw and reducing tension in the cervical spine, upper back, and shoulders.

tmj chiropractor

When you have TMJ issues and find it painful to open your mouth, maintaining oral hygiene can be difficult. TMJ pain can be annoying and significantly reduce your quality of life but it doesn’t have to be your constant companion. You find they said it hard to open your mouth all the way and you hear clicking and popping sounds when you try. It’s getting old and you really want to be able to take a bite out of a hamburger and chew some gum but your pesky jaw pain refuses to let you.

“The journey to cure TMJ, bruxing and tooth grinding is not just about treatment, it’s about understanding the root cause, making lifestyle changes, and taking control of your health. It’s about finding relief from pain and improving your quality of life Learn more about our services.

Chiropractic treatment offers several benefits for individuals suffering from TMJ, addressing the condition and its impact on overall health. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, TMJ jaw pain relief can be achieved through exercises, lifestyle modifications, and other complementary therapies. Chiropractors may recommend exercises that target key muscles involved in TMJ, such as the masseter, temporalis, and pterygoid muscles. These exercises help to strengthen additional reading and relax the muscles, promoting proper jaw alignment and reducing pain. Upper cervical chiropractic care centers around the belief that many bodily dysfunctions, including TMJ disorders, stem from misalignments in the upper spine, particularly the atlas and axis vertebrae. Chiropractic care is grounded in the principle of aligning the body’s musculoskeletal structure, primarily the spine, to enable the body to heal itself without surgery or medication.

Blair Chiropractors may also work with other health care professional that focus on TMJ disorders, such as dentists, to ensure the best possible result. If your symptoms persist, your doctor may recommend a variety of treatment options, often more than one to be done at the same time. Soft tissue therapy, such as myofascial release or trigger point therapy, can also be useful for relieving muscle tension and promoting relaxation in the jaw and relieve the pain in surrounding areas. While TMJ disorders are typically not life-threatening, they can significantly impact quality of life and lead to more serious health issues if not properly treated.

“Curing TMJ, bruxing and tooth grinding is not just about stopping the symptoms, it’s about restoring balance, reducing stress, and promoting overall oral health. It’s about reclaiming your comfort and your peace of mind Learn more about our services.

Chiropractic care for TMJ incorporates a variety of techniques, each with its unique benefits. It can also be a great treatment option to try out before committing to something more invasive or expensive. As Schoolhouse Rock taught us all those years ago, you’ve got a telegraph line running through you connecting everything. Although there are no little guys on bikes carrying messages, your spine is responsible for a lot of the things that happen in your body. One study showed that this treatment is especially helpful for limited jaw mobility linked to TMJ.

This is an especially important joint that opens and closes your mouth, acting as a sliding hinge that allows for up and down and side to side movement. When you get an adjustment, your chiropractor will use his hands or special tools to apply a gentle and controlled force to your vertebrae to get your spine back into alignment. To alleviate symptoms of TMJ and fix the problem, you need to treat the root cause of your problem, the spinal misalignment. Discover the transformative power of chiropractic care and join the many who have found relief from TMJ disorders.

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