Snored To Death: The Symptoms And Dangers Of Untreated Sleep Apnea

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This pattern of snoring can be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea, which is a serious condition that can increase the risk of heart disease. What happens to people with this condition is that the airway will collapse blog in on itself and close. “And as the person is trying to breathe in, the air will not pass. That’s what the apnea is,” Voigt explains. When is a snore just annoying and when is it a sign of sleep apnea?

And despite the myth that snoring is a sign of deep sleep, there’s really no upside to it.

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Often, people with sleep apnea don’t wake to consciousness, so they don’t know they have a problem. If you sleep with someone who snores, you’re in a good position to help flag the issue. Then, it’s best to get it checked out by a doctor who can diagnose the problem. You can watch and listen to this YouTube video for a good demonstration of the sounds made by someone with sleep apnea. “During the first minute he has regular rhythmic snoring,” Voigt says.

So, when people lose weight, this can reduce the amount they snore. “A crescendo where the snoring is getting louder and louder,” Voigt explains, is the first sign. The crescendo is typically followed by periods of no sound, and then a gasp that can sound like a snort. Other factors that contribute to snoring may be outside our control. There are physical obstructions, such as a large uvula or a deviated septum. “Your brain is sedated from alcohol, so the combination can make you snore worse,” Voigt says.

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“Then, in the second minute he has a pause, (apnea) or no breathing, followed by a big gasp for air.” Alcohol tends to make the tissues within our mouths swell a bit, and alcohol can also change the quality reference of sleep. When we sleep, if the air that moves through our nose and mouth has a clear passage, we can sleep silently. When is snoring just annoying and when is it a sign of a potentially serious problem?

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A light, rhythmic snore that stays pretty steady is common and tends to be harmless. “It might be bad for the bed look at more info partner, but it’s not a big health problem,” Voigt says. Being overweight can also increase the likelihood of snoring.

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