14 Simple Steps To Stop Your Dog From Snoring Expert Tips!

dog snoring

Pet News Daily is a free resource for pet lovers, with everything from in-depth product reviews to expert pet care advice from our team of experienced veterinarians. It can also be helpful to add air purifiers and change furnace filters regularly. Your dog may be most prone to snoring when they have had a really exciting and active day and are simply worn out. When they fall asleep, they have such a deep and relaxing snooze that they snore. If your senior dog has started snoring, they also need a check-up. Old age isn’t a cause of snoring alone and suggests there’s something else happening you should investigate.

The noise happens as the dog breathes in or sucks air down into their lungs. The crucial word here is sucks, because it’s this suction effect that causes the tissue vibrations that create the sound of snoring. At GreatPetCare , we’re proud to be part of Covetrus , a global animal health company that’s all about helping vets improve care for our furry friends. Products purchased from this site will be fulfilled by Covetrus North America, LLC. She is also Fear Free Certified and a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant. If your pup tends to curl up and snore, try encouraging them to sleep with their head and neck straight.

dog snoring

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It’s not always easy for a pet parent to know if their dog’s snoring is something to worry about, but one cause for concern is if the snoring is new. Pet parents should also take note if the snoring is accompanied by other clinical signs, such as nasal discharge, sneezing, they said or changes in energy level. In some parts of the country, there are certain fungal infections that have a prevalence of infection in the nose and airway. Some of these fungal diseases cause small masses, inflammation, or irritation and can lead to snoring.

Unfortunately, this large surface area also makes the canine nose especially sensitive to inhaled irritants. This is because get the facts your immune system is fighting the infection and flooding the lymph nodes in the throat with cells to fight infection.

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If the surgeon removes too much soft palate, the dog is at risk of food or fluid going up into their nose, or even inhaling fluid. The latter is especially dangerous and can lead to a life-threatening condition called aspiration pneumonia. That extra flesh can create obstructions that blocks airways and make a sleeper snore. And if the glands in the throat swell, this narrows the larynx and entrance to the airway, causing you can try these out. The classic example is a dog with a long soft palate, such as a Bulldog.

If you think dry air is the source of the problem for your pet, you can try purchasing a humidifier to replenish the moisture in the air. Humidifiers are inexpensive and readily available at most large shopping centers or online. Dr. Brittany Kleszynski is a freelance veterinary and medical writer who specializes in creating meaningful content that engages readers and speaks directly to the intended audiences.

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If you notice any swelling or soreness, you should take your pet to the vet immediately. The air can contain a lot of contaminants, just like your pet’s bedding. You can often find pollen, pollution from automobiles, cigarette smoke, and many other contaminants in the air we all breathe. These contaminants can start an allergic reaction that causes a stuffy nose, which restricts airflow and causes snoring. To combat these contaminants, you can try using a personal air filter that can help reduce the number of harmful particles in the air.

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