What Is Inspire For Sleep Apnea? What To Know About The New Treatment

inspire sleep apnea device

It’s also important to know that once the device’s battery is running low, it needs to be replaced with an outpatient surgical procedure. Inspire says that the battery is designed to last between nine and 11 years the exact amount of time may vary depending on use. In the meantime, Abbott says airport security hasn’t been an issue, at least going through image source a typical metal detector. And while he’s very happy with the convenience of the device, he says it’s not necessarily something he’d see as a vanity option for someone who just doesn’t like the look and feel of the CPAP machine. As with CPAP, dry mouth is a common side effect for users, especially those who tend to breathe through their mouth.

inspire sleep apnea device

After 12 months of Inspire sleep apnea treatment, more than half of the clinical study participants saw their OSA symptoms improve. The frequency of breathing disruptions at night decreased to fewer than 20 events per hour. Inspire has been shown to be clinically effective advice for treating moderate to severe sleep apnea in people who don’t respond to or tolerate CPAP therapy. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2014, 126 people participated in a clinical study to demonstrate that the treatment was effective in treating OSA.

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That means you don’t have to be admitted to the hospital and can go home when the surgery is done as long as there are no problems. After you talk to a surgeon about Inspire, they will want you to have a procedure called a drug-induced sleep endoscopy to get a better look inside your throat. Every night you turn on the device before going to sleep with a small remote.

However, it’s important to know that not all patients find relief from OSA with Inspire, and e devices can be removed if a person finds it to be ineffective. Potential Inspire candidates should speak with their ENT doctor and insurance provider to confirm their eligibility and out-of-pocket responsibility prior to the procedure. In 2023, Herbert says the company intends to upgrade its patient remote to Bluetooth technology, which enables remote patient monitoring for sleep doctors. The Inspire website does state that anyone with another type of implantable medical device, such as a pacemaker, should have the doctor responsible for these other devices contact their Inspire doctor. They will then test the devices to make sure that they do not interact before proceeding.

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Even though that might sound intimidating, it’s an outpatient procedure. Numerous clinical trials have found Inspire to be safe and effective at treating OSA. A recent study found that Inspire resulted in a 79% decrease in sleep apnea events. The Inspire sleep apnea device is surgically implanted by a trained surgeon. Before the operation, you may undergo a sleep study, medical and surgical consultation, or endoscopy to screen for surgical eligibility.

The generator is placed under the skin on your chest, the respiratory sensing lead under the skin near your rib cage, and the stimulation lead under the skin on your neck, near your tongue. The advice offers an alternative to the unpleasant effects of using a CPAP mask and machine, while still treating sleep apnea and potentially improving sleep quality. Read more to learn how the Inspire sleep apnea device works and whether it may be right for you. Some of the symptoms of sleep apnea, like excessive daytime sleepiness, also tend to get better when people get the Inspire device. One study showed that patient scores on the Epworth sleepiness scale got better with treatment (on average, they went up to 11 from 6). Even though patients are typically screened fairly thoroughly, the probability of one of these implants working is not 100 percent, Pham says.

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