Treating Sleep Apnea With An Oral Appliance: Procedural Details, Risks & Benefits

sleep apnea mouth guard

Oral appliances are intended to reduce sleep disruptions and improve sleep quality, so make sure your mouth guard fits comfortably and is right for you. Snorers often find relief using mouthpieces designed to reduce snoring. These devices, also called mouthguards, fall into two general categories. Mandibular advancement devices, or read what he said MADs, fit inside the mouth and push the lower jaw forward to open up your airway. Tongue retaining devices (TRDs) grip the tongue and prevent it from falling into the back of the throat, which commonly causes snoring for back sleepers. Mouthguards can be very effective for treating heavy snoring, especially custom-fitted models.

The Good Morning Snore Solution is an exceptionally lightweight anti-snoring mouthpiece. Designed for a universal fit, the pear-shaped device is outfitted with a small slot to fit your tongue. Gentle suction keeps your tongue in place and prevents it from falling into the back of your throat, which can block the airway and is a common cause of snoring. For this reason, back sleepers in particular may benefit from the Good Morning Snore Solution. You should work with your doctor or sleep specialist to select the best treatment option for you. While more infos are simple to use and often effective, they should not be used in certain situations.

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The Good Morning Snore Solution is designed to be more comfortable than other tongue-retaining devices you’ll find on the market. The suction is meant to feel softer around the tongue and the device itself is very lightweight. The VitalSleep devices are reasonably priced and a bit more affordable than the average MAD .

For some people, MADs are more comfortable than CPAP, making them more suitable for long-term use. MADs that are customized and fitted by dentists tend to be more comfortable and effective than premade MADs found in stores. These side effects are usually mild and temporary, often improving after a few weeks. It’s important to have follow-up visits with a dentist or health care pop over to these guys provider to adjust the mouthpiece, make sure it fits properly and comfortably, and address any side effects that develop. A tongue-retaining device (TRD) uses suction to keep the tongue in a forward position, preventing it from falling back into the airway. TRDs can be used by people who do not have enough teeth to keep a MAD in place or who cannot use a MAD for other reasons.

sleep apnea mouth guard

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Most commonly, sleep apnea mouth guards move the lower jaw forward, opening up the airway, although some adjust the tongue’s position forward instead. People with sleep apnea should work closely with their doctor, orthodontist, or dentist when considering a sleep apnea mouth guard. While some options are available without a prescription, custom-fitted oral appliances are more effective at treating sleep apnea. This type of mouth guard is typically customized by a qualified dentist, who works with an individual’s doctor to determine if oral appliance therapy is appropriate.

Now, you’ll be ready to bite down onto the device for 30 seconds using your upper and lower teeth. Comfort is key when searching for an anti-snoring mouthpiece, and it can be challenging to find a product that fits your mouth and your needs. We recommend the SnoreRx Plus thanks to its boil-and-bite molding and full lateral adjustment, which allow you to fully customize the fit to your mouth. Many people (and their partners) lose sleep due to chronic snoring. Snoring normally occurs when your tongue and tissues in your mouth and throat become too relaxed. Air passing through creates vibrations in the tissue, producing the telltale snoring sound.

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