Central Sleep Apnea Diagnosis And Treatment

sleep apnea treatment options

You should go to the ER if you notice any of the symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, both of which are more likely to happen with sleep apnea. Your brain reacts to blood oxygen drops from either apnea or hypopnea by triggering a failsafe-like reflex, waking you up enough for you to breathe again. Once you resume breathing, your pop over to these guys brain automatically tries to resume your sleep cycle. Your brain constantly monitors your body’s status and adjusts your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, etc. Your blood oxygen levels can drop when you stop breathing because of either apnea or hypopnea. There are generally two types of oral appliances used to treat OSA.

sleep apnea treatment options

Consider how the machine you choose will work with your lifestyle. During polysomnography, you’re connected to equipment that monitors your heart, lung and brain activity, breathing patterns, arm and leg movements, and blood oxygen levels while you sleep. A primary care professional might evaluate via your condition based on your symptoms. Or you may be referred to a sleep specialist in a sleep disorder center. Two nerve stimulation surgeries are available for people with sleep apnea. Hypoglossal nerve stimulation treats OSA, while transvenous phrenic nerve stimulation treats CSA.

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Usually, a person’s sleep specialist determines which sleep apnea treatment is best for them based on their unique symptoms and health situation. Along with treatment of any underlying health conditions, a CPAP machine is usually the first treatment prescribed for sleep apnea. CPAP therapy is considered most effective and reliable in those who are able to adhere to treatment. If a sleeper has trouble tolerating CPAP therapy, their sleep specialist may next prescribe BiPAP, ASV, EPAP, or an oral device as an alternative treatment.

The resulting lack of oxygen activates a survival reflex that wakes you up just enough to resume breathing. While that reflex keeps you alive, it also interrupts your sleep cycle. That prevents restful sleep and can have other effects, including putting stress on your heart that can have potentially deadly consequences. Certain yoga breathing exercises and meditation can help improve factors related to sleep apnea. But experts need to do more studies to fully understand this link.

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Because of this, you shouldn’t try to self-diagnose or self-treat it. If you think you have sleep apnea, you should schedule an appointment with a sleep specialist or ask a primary care provider to refer you to a sleep specialist. If you’ve been diagnosed with OSA, learning more about possible treatments is a good first step toward getting a better night’s sleep.

After the first REM cycle, you start a new cycle and go back into Stage 1 or 2. One cycle normally takes about 90 to 110 minutes before another begins. Most people go through four or his response five cycles per night (assuming they get a full eight hours of sleep). Using a CPAP for the first time is also a whole new experience in general, so give yourself time to adjust.

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