Signs You Truly Love Someone

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Loving someone is a complex emotion that can be difficult to decipher at times. However, there are certain signs that can help you determine if what you are feeling is true love.

Some can realize the signs of true love in a relationship after a few months. Love can feel different for different individuals, regardless of gender. That said, many people report feeling drawn to someone, wanting to spend a lot of time around them, sensing that they can be themselves around them, and even envisioning a future with them. Their mind may drift to thoughts of that person often, which are typically happy and hopeful. When you have a partner and you are both in love, you may feel safe in your affections knowing that they feel the same way about you. The exception to this is unrequited love where you may feel everything, and your partner does not feel the same.

Research has demonstrated so many mental and physical benefits of gratitude, and that extends to romantic relationships too. Take the time to thank the person you love, even for \”little\” things, such as taking out the trash and doing the dishes. Nobody wants to feel taken for granted, and thanking your partner on a regular basis ensures that this is not the case. But as gratitude researcher Amie M. Gordon of the University of California–Berkeley explains, true gratitude involves more than a quick \”thanks.\” Keep in mind that scientific studies have historically focused on monogamous, heterosexual relationships, so they\’re not necessarily relevant for everyone. Once you’ve realized that these signs of true love in a relationship are present in yours, take time and hug your partner.

Just allow yourself the time and space to fully address your feelings and come to terms with them. Accepting them completely can make it easier to let them go. Try spending a little less time with that person for now, or avoid hanging out one-on-one. Maybe you find their looks appealing, but you mostly want to spend a lot of time with them because you value them as a whole person and want to develop a lasting emotional connection. If you’ve experienced relationship abuse or betrayal, you might feel cautious about letting your guard down again.

Committing to your partner, envisioning your life with them and shifting your focus from \”I\” to \”we,\” are all surefire signs of being in love. “Changes in stress or anxiety may correspond with the early stages of falling in love,” explains DiDonato. While exhilarating, the newness of a relationship, the uncertainty, and the intense experience of new romantic love can predict stress, as indicated by cortisol levels or self-reported anxiety, she says. Love is one of the most universal human experiences of all—yet it\’s still not easy to define.

1. Thinking About Them Constantly

One of the most common signs of true love is constantly thinking about the person. If you find yourself daydreaming about them or unable to get them out of your mind, it could be a strong indicator that you are in love.

You know you’re falling in love when your someone begins to take up major real estate in your thoughts. You might find yourself rehashing your conversations in the middle of work, thinking about your next date days in advance, or even envisioning your future together. For Kang, she remembers rereading her husband\’s text messages and viewing his photos over and over again when they first began dating because she thought about him so often.

2. Putting Their Needs Before Your Own

Loving someone usually starts with being drawn to their personality. You may want to spend a lot of time around them and get to know them more deeply. Eventually, you may realize that you’ve started to feel love and deep care for them as a result of emotional intimacy and simply appreciating who they are as a person. When we meet someone and instantly feel a connection, that is not love but rather is lust, or, put less severely, a crush.

When you truly love someone, their happiness becomes just as important as your own. You prioritize their needs and wants, sometimes even before your own, without hesitation.

3. Feeling Happy When They Are Around

Being in the presence of the person you love should bring joy and happiness into your life. If their presence makes you feel content and at ease, it could be a sign that you have deep feelings for them.

4. Supporting Them Through Thick and Thin

True love means being there for someone no matter what. If you are willing to stand by their side through the good times and the bad, it shows that your love for them runs deep.

5. Wanting the Best for Them

When you truly love someone, you genuinely want what is best for them, even if it means sacrificing your own desires. You support their goals and aspirations, and celebrate their successes as if they were your own.

6. Feeling a Deep Connection

Lastly, true love is often characterized by a deep emotional connection with the other person. You feel understood, supported, and cherished in their presence, creating a bond that is hard to break.

Overall, recognizing true love can be challenging, but by paying attention to these signs, you may gain a better understanding of your feelings towards someone special in your life.

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