Solar Roof Shingles Buying Guide For 2024

solar roof shingles

Just like normal roof shingles, solar shingles can only withstand wind speeds up to a certain amount. A solar shingle’s wind rating tells you how high a wind speed your solar roof can withstand. On the other hand, you can mount solar panels on many different roof designs, from flat to asphalt to metal. They’re ideal for lowest price an existing roof, while solar shingles are better suited for new construction or replacing your older roof. But if aesthetics are important to you or you need a solar option that blends in with your roof due to HOA requirements, go for it. Just be on the lookout for shingles that blend in with your specific roof type.

Check the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) for additional state and local incentives in your area. Solar shingles and solar panels both produce renewable energy to power your home. However, our comparison below reveals some key differences in learn here how they look and perform. The average solar panel shingle lasts from 20 to 30 years at maximum energy output. They will continue to create solar power after the 20 year mark, but just like an older cell phone battery, they may not produce energy at maximum capacity anymore.

solar roof shingles

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Luma’s shingles have a power rating of 80 watts each, and come with a 25-year production warranty and a 5-year limited product warranty. One of the newest solar shingle products available is GAF’s Timberline Solar Energy Shingles. If GAF sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because they’re one of the most well-known names in roofing. While it does seem like Tesla is the only solar shingle manufacturing company out there, they actually aren’t. Believe it or not, there are quite a few other companies that manufacture solar shingles, including Luma Solar, CertainTeed, and Suntegra.

Scientific American reports that solar shingles could lower monthly electricity bills by about 50 percent. Plus, residents who install Energy Star approved solar-power systems before the end of the year will be able to put 30 percent of installment costs toward tax payment due. Why install solar panels on your roof, when you can make your roof tiles solar panels? It’s a futuristic and aesthetically pleasing option for homeowners who need a new roof or are building a new home entirely.

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If you’re more concerned about the price, then Tesla and GAF Energy might be the way to go. Keep in mind, it’s best to get quotes from a few different companies and see what kind of services they offer before you make your final decision. Unfortunately, this does make CertainTeed solar shingles over here stand out a little more from the rest of the shingles on your roof. According to GAF, its solar roof can be attached using only a nail gun, which makes it easy to install and helps cut costs. But you should still expect to pay $40,000 to $100,000 for a full Timberline Solar roof system.

The cost of a solar shingle system varies greatly with your home’s square footage, energy needs, shingle manufacturer and the solar installer. Some systems, such as RGS Powerhouse, may only run $15,000, whereas Tesla’s solar roof can cost upward of $70,000. We recommend requesting a free quote to get an accurate estimate for how much it would cost you to install solar tiles.

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