Shingles In The Eye: Symptoms, Complications, And More

shingles in eye

This can allow you to avoid any related complications, including those affecting vision. To determine if you have ocular shingles, the eye specialist will look closely at the rash on the scalp, forehead, or around the eye. They will also examine the eye using a slit lamp, with which they will shine a bright light on the eye to view the structures, including the back of the eye, and detect any issues. A patient who has had shingles on the face may feel like they’re healing well but then notice a symptom such as redness in the eye.

People cannot develop shingles unless they contract the varicella-zoster virus, which also causes chickenpox. Once a person has experienced chickenpox, the virus will remain in their body. Research shows about 10 to 20% of shingles cases affect the eye.6 One indicator of eye shingles is a rash on the tip of your nose. In addition to these overall benefits, prompt treatment with antiviral medication can cut in half the incidence of eye disorders in ocular shingles.

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If you think you may have Hutchinson’s sign, speak with a doctor as soon as possible. If left untreated, the virus can spread into your eye and even cause blindness. Antiviral therapy is very effective if you take it as soon as possible after the beginning get redirected here of your symptoms. The treatment course typically lasts 7 days, but you should start feeling better sooner. But make sure to finish all the medication, or your shingles may return. If the shingles rash develops on the face, seek medical attention right away.

An ophthalmologist will examine the affected eye to see if there is any damage from the virus. If needed, they will prescribe additional treatment to minimize the risk of complications. In this article, we describe the symptoms of shingles and how the condition can affect the eyes and vision. We also explore treatment options, complications, and tips for prevention. Early treatment of eye shingles using antiviral drugs will prevent or reduce the risk of complications that can cause blindness.

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Within a couple of days, painful blisters will pop up on the rash. Within two to three days, reddened skin and a rash will appear in the area where you felt pain. The shingles virus travels along a nerve path, see so the rash will often form a line on one side of the body or face. People age 19 and over who have a weakened immune system may also receive the vaccine after consultation with a healthcare provider.

shingles in eye

Vesicles on your face contain the varicella-zoster virus that can cause chickenpox in people who haven’t had this disease or been vaccinated against it. Studies show that the presence of Hutchinson’s sign, compared to ophthalmic shingles without Hutchinson’s sign, quadruples your chances of developing severe eye complications. In adults aged 70 and older with healthy immune systems, 2 doses of Shingrix are 91% effective at preventing the condition.

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Your doctor may also suggest other therapies such as antibiotics, topical or systemic corticosteroids, and eye surgery on a selective basis. Our experts continually monitor the health here and wellness space, and we update our articles when new information becomes available. Many patients will need to be on low-dose steroids for years, if not forever, Rapuano says.

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