A Naturopathic Treatment Approach For Mild And Moderate COVID-19: A Retrospective Chart Review PMC

pure natural healing vs meridian health protocol

Treatment recommendations included dietary recommendations, oral dietary supplementation including vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and an herbal tincture. Intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy was reserved for patients with moderate COVID-19 infection and/or comorbid conditions, including cardiovascular, metabolic, and pulmonary conditions. Treatment options were personalized to patients as needed (i.e., in the case of pregnancy, other medication use, and comorbid conditions). In this retrospective chart review, a multi-nutrient, herbal, and probiotic therapeutic approach for mild and moderate COVID-19 appeared to be well-tolerated.

Users will sleep better at night, and they’ll have more energy during the day. The ancient Chinese correlated this system with the “Chi,” or the life force, of the body. The Chi contains much of the information that controls the way that the body functions, allowing the body to properly heal with this delivery of data. It won’t prevent injury pop over to these guys or discomfort, but the body will be able to keep healing as it is meant to. The primary outcome was treatment safety; secondary outcomes included changes in symptoms, progression to severe COVID-19, incidence of long COVID, and recovery time. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has led to significant morbidity and mortality.

While it took years for Master Lim to gain the full control, the same amount of time will not be needed by anyone that gets involved with Meridian Health Protocol. Medications and supplements patients were taking at presentation are summarized inTable 2. The most common herbal supplement patients were taking at the time of COVID-19 diagnosis was the root of Curcuma longa or turmeric. Patients were taking try this dietary supplements for a wide array of health concerns, including cardiovascular and digestive complaints. The purpose of the techniques is to be completely self-sufficient when eliminating the life-threatening diseases that can plague consumers, like heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease. “Chi” is simply a way to explain the energy in the body, and it often is only capable of serving one function.

pure natural healing vs meridian health protocol

The ultimate resolution of symptoms in those who had a longer disease course with repeat treatment may suggest the ability to resolve “entrenched” illness. A limitation to this study includes reporting on a small sample of patients and thus observations may not be representative of the general population. Treatment for patients with severe COVID-19 infection was not within the scope of this review, as this was a primary care out-patient setting.

Meridian Health protocol is a mix of various discoveries combined with self healing properties of massaging the Meridian points to reverse any kind of sickness or illness that you may have. For your convenience, we created a list of products which we reviewed on our site that we are not recommending anymore for various reasons. great post to read On the other hand, if you want to avoid the negative side effects of medications, or if Western medicine is not helping your condition, the Meridian Health Protocol is a great option to consider. As she was growing up, the tumor continued to swell, so her doctors tried freezing (cryotherapy) and electric shocks to remove it.

If you’re seeking a natural, effective way to address health challenges and enhance your quality of life, the Meridian Health Protocol might be the answer you’ve been searching for. By blending ancient wisdom with modern techniques, it offers a unique approach to healing and well-being. It provides detailed instructions, illustrations, videos, and testimonials to help you follow the protocol easily and effectively.

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