Can Women Have Prostate Cancer?

female prostate

Problems with the Skene glands also go undetected when the symptoms of female prostate cancer fall in line with other reproductive diseases. This includes uterine or ovarian cancer and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which are far more common. They all cause irregular periods, abdominal aches, sluggish metabolism along with weight gain, pressure behind the pubic bone, and painful sex.

Doctors are increasingly aware that the female prostate can be a separate site of infection that should be treated separately. One area of focus for researchers is how the Skene’s glands produce PSA. Levels of this antigen can help indicate prostate cancer in males and certain types of breast cancer in females. Technically, you cannot develop prostate cancer without an actual prostate. However, the Skene glands have been known to foster cancerous growths, adversely affecting your reproductive system, urethra, and bladder. Similar to a man’s prostate, the Skene glands release a fluid that lubricates the opening of your urethra.

female prostate

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If you’re experiencing symptoms you feel may be caused by gynecologic cancer, Baptist Health can help. We provide services for assessing and treating various types of cancer in women. You can also learn more on our Gynecologic Cancer page and find a doctor near you. Medical experts have theorized that female prostate cancer could be linked to a history of sexually transmitted infections. The Skene glands, like the male prostate, act as guardians against infections that travel throughout the reproductive system. One of the similarities is related to the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and PSA phosphatase (PSAP).

Experts theorize that this fluid features antimicrobial properties and protects your urinary tract and bladder from bacterial infections. It’s uncertain whether the Skene glands drain into small ducts on either side of your urethra, or into the urethra itself. Skene gland cysts typically resolve on their own but, in some cases, must be drained. Although some people use the terms squirting and female ejaculation interchangeably, these are different phenomena.

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The latter incorrectly implies that some other structure of an extraprostatic nature, rather than the prostate itself, is involved. If the try this exhibits the immunopermissiveness observed in the male prostate (5), it may also serve as a site for viral latency and origin of infection in women with human immunodeficiency virus. The Skene’s glands derive from the same tissue as the prostate gland. But although prostate cancer is a common cancer affecting 1 in 8 men in the United States, cancers of the Skene’s glands are extremely rare. Fewer than 20 cases of cancers originating in the Skene’s glands have been documented. Researchers also are interested that the female prostate produces PSA.

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It’s possible that the reported cases of these conditions will grow as research and new technology expand understanding of the article source. Like the male prostate, the Skene’s glands, sometimes called the female prostate, produce the hormone PSA. These glands are also believed to have a role in the regulation of the reproductive system in both men and women.

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