The 11 Best Pregnancy Pillows Of 2023 For Comfort And Support

best pregnancy pillow

As this U-shaped pillow keeps you cool, its medium-density polyester filling provides moderate support for your growing belly. Some pregnancy pillows can be placed directly into the washing machine, but most come with a removable cover that you take off and wash. Removable covers are ideal if you have a smaller washing machine, but they can be difficult to remove and put back on in the case of a larger have a peek here or unusually shaped pillow. Selecting pregnancy pillows that are 100% cotton with removable covers and polyester filling is most recommended for a cool night with optimal support, Elks says. But cozier fabrics like the lightweight velvet cover on the Queen Rose might make you feel more comfortable as well. Choose pillows that have cooling features when possible, if you run hot in pregnancy.

New York City-based physical therapist Marianne Ryan, PT, points to this adjustable pregnancy pillow as one that you can mold to your liking, making it especially versatile. As a side sleeper, you can place your leg and arm on it, or you can make it into a C-shape and place it in between your legs where you’ll have part of it in front of you and part of it behind you, she says. You can also adjust the amount of fill, and use it for lumbar support beyond the bed (like on the couch or in an armchair), too, according to the brand. Pregnancy can be rewarding, but it can also be tiring, and there is no reason that you should need to dedicate a lot of time or effort to cleaning and caring for a pregnancy pillow. Read the care instructions carefully before your purchase so that you will know if the pillow is completely machine washable, has a machine washable cover, or should only be spot cleaned. Depending on your preference, this can be a large factor in the maternity pillow that you purchase.

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It’s best to make sure you’re sleeping on your side by the halfway point (around 20 weeks) to take the weight off your spine, and a pregnancy pillow will help with that. That said, you can start using a pregnancy pillow at any click here for info point during your pregnancy. In fact, they’re also used as body pillows to help non-pregnant people with back pain because they keep you on your side and often go between your knees, which helps take weight off the spine.

best pregnancy pillow

Not only is it less cushioned than a traditional full-body pregnancy pillow, but it’s made up of organic cotton and has memory foam to provide you with support throughout your body. The arm on this U-shaped pillow is detachable and adjustable so you can customize it based on your needs. Pregnancy pillows can bring some much-needed relief to sleep-deprived expecting mothers. These specialized pillows are designed to support your growing stomach, while making the doctor-recommended side sleeping position a bit more comfortable.

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I slept on both of my sides and laid on my back, and it never felt like it was sinking or losing plushness. I should point out that I have a queen-sized bed and it took up enough space on my side of the bed that it didn’t interfere with my husband’s sleep. But if you have a full-sized bed, it may leave little to no room if you share it with a partner. I will admit, this isn’t the firmest pillow on the list, so if you’re not into a softer option, this may not be the right fit for you. If you’re heavily pregnant and want ultimate support all around, you’ll also find this pillow lacking.

A durable and hidden zipper also makes it so you’re never resting along a hard zipper. Another reason to choose this pillow is that it’s not overwhelmingly large, unlike those pregnancy pillows that are as big as a person and really crowd the bed. The zippered packaging doubles as a storage or travel bag, so it’s easy to take this pillow with learn here you on the go. The Coop Home Goods Adjustable Full Body Pillow is good for anyone who appreciates quality sleep expectant mothers included. Use it to side-sleep when you’re pregnant, and then add or remove the fill as needed to accommodate other areas of your body when you’re not especially if you’re usually a back or stomach sleeper.

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