Ectopic Pregnancy

ectopic pregnancy treatments

You won’t be able to get pregnant for several months after taking this medication, however. It’s necessary to remove the embryo as soon as possible for the mother’s immediate health and long-term fertility. Treatment options vary depending on the location of the ectopic pregnancy and its development. If you have any of the above risk factors, talk to your doctor. You can work with your doctor or a fertility specialist to minimize the risks for future ectopic pregnancies. While a pregnancy test may reveal a woman is pregnant, a fertilized egg can’t properly grow anywhere other than the uterus.

The majority of ectopic pregnancies happen here about 90%. Ectopic pregnancies can become life-threatening, especially if your fallopian tube breaks (ruptures). This is a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, and it can cause severe bleeding, infection and sometimes, death. Healthcare providers must treat ectopic pregnancies quickly. In most cases, you can still have a baby if you’ve had one of your fallopian tubes removed.

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The earlier an ectopic pregnancy is found and treated, the safer you’ll be. Ectopic pregnancies are rare it happens in about 2 out of every 100 pregnancies. Fallopian tubes can break if stretched too much by the growing pregnancy this is sometimes called a ruptured lowest price ectopic pregnancy. This can cause internal bleeding, infection, and in some cases lead to death. Unfortunately, an ectopic pregnancy is fatal for the fetus and your pregnancy can’t continue. Once an egg implants outside your uterus, you can’t move it to your uterus.

One of these steps is when a fertilized egg travels to the uterus to attach itself. In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg doesn’t attach to the uterus. Instead, it may attach to the fallopian tube, abdominal cavity, article source or cervix. If you suspect an ectopic pregnancy or have been diagnosed with one, it’s important to get prompt treatment and follow your healthcare provider’s instructions. A rupture due to an ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency.

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Even if your pregnancy was unplanned, going through an ectopic pregnancy can cause trauma. Talking to your partner, healthcare provider or a mental health professional may be helpful as you navigate your feelings. If a future pregnancy is in your plans, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider navigate here about your risk for another ectopic pregnancy. When a tube bursts, you may feel sudden, sharp lower abdominal pain. You should contact your healthcare provider or go to the emergency room immediately. However, with tubal ectopic implantation, there’s no chance of a successful pregnancy.

ectopic pregnancy treatments

Your doctor will insert a small camera through a small incision to make sure they can see their work. The surgeon then removes the embryo and repairs any damage to the fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancy is when a pregnancy grows outside of your uterus, usually in your fallopian tube.

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If the egg has implanted in your fallopian tube and the tube bursts, there can be severe internal bleeding. If it’s caught early, your healthcare provider may monitor you to see if your body reabsorbs the cluster of cells. That’s less common than treatment with medication, though. Most people with a past ectopic pregnancy can have future successful pregnancies.

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