The Ultimate Guide To Earning Passive Income Online

who is cb passive income

Gravity Score is an overview of how many sales a product has recently received, as well as from how many affiliates. A high Gravity score like something above 500 means it’s ROLLING. This means at least 500 different affiliates have sold the product in the last three months. As I said, the course works on autopilot mode, so a user only has to complete step 1, the Patrick Chan business model takes care of steps 2 and 4 on its own.

Patric is said to have developed the ideal sales funnel for generating commissions as an affiliate marketer. Take note that CBPI is not the one in-charged of coming up with ideas to promote your unique links. They are just there to give you options on how to do these and guide you into creating your unique links. As a passive income generator, your role is to send targeted website traffic to those ready-made funnels.

who is cb passive income

The real work that Chan never mentions is getting visitors to your page. But there aren’t many ways to drive traffic to a site my sources lacking original content that are free. So what is left is to buy ads whether it be through Google, Facebook, or Solo Ads.

The funnels include web pages, opt-in forms, email lists, etc. After you’ve created your account, you’re ready to start promoting products and earn commissions. Affiliate marketing is one of the first business models that comes to mind when people think of ways to make money online something I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. And if you’re unsure whether this is the ideal way to generate passive income, then keep reading. Develop high-quality content and services that cater to your target audience’s needs and preferences.

It takes the nice parts of affiliate marketing but transfers the control back to YOU. You don’t really control anything, despite doing the most important part driving traffic. But for now, let’s just say it isn’t exactly an easy process (unless you have a proven traffic source for the exact product you’re trying to sell). Well, the most difficult (and therefore most valuable) page skill in the internet business is driving traffic AKA getting people to visit a website. Run an amazingly profitable business where you don’t have to worry about anything no products, no inventory, no shipping, no customer service. Now that it is established that traffic is extremely important to earn money through CB, you need to learn how to get traffic for our business.

They also offer those that sign up for the program a 100% money-back guarantee if they’re not satisfied after sixty days. However, it often takes several months’ time to begin generating a substantial amount of visitors to a website. However, like with most email affiliate marketing, you sign up for a free service, or in this case, course, before you are presented with the option to buy a number of products.

But if you’re going to hit something super hard for 3-6 months, and your reward is barely enough money for a tank of gas it’s just not worth it (in my opinion). Let me start by saying that this is not a multi-level marketing product. Your commissions here will be based on sales, not recruitment. A landing page reference is a page where people will go to learn more about your product. This is also a good opportunity to obtain contact information from your visitors, such as their email addresses. The course will effectively provide you with a copy of Patric’s business strategy to help you start your own online business.

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