Can A Vibrating Glove Treatment Relieve Parkinsons Symptoms? Stanford Medicine

parkinsons gloves

One type of Parkinson’s glove undergoing clinical trials may be able to analyze movements remotely. The gloves may also provide a more accurate, well-rounded assessment of symptoms and help doctors plan more appropriate here treatment plans. Different types of gloves for Parkinson’s disease (PD) are currently in ongoing clinical trials. These gloves could help relieve PD symptoms by analyzing hand movements to send back to a doctor.

I am reminded of many recent examples of Parkinson’s therapies that were touted by video evidence only to flame out’ once tested with a control group. Most recently was Nilotinib, the leukemia drug which was repurposed for Parkinson’s. The initial videos of patients led to a run of patients seeking access to the cancer drug; two clinical trials followed the video evidence, and we were humbled by the negative’ results. For now, the glove treatment is available only to Parkinson’s patients participating in a clinical trial of the device that started Aug. 1. Food and Drug Administration clearance for the treatment, which he hopes to have by summer 2023.

Prof. Dr. Onanong mentioned that the tremor-reducing Parkinson’s gloves innovation is ready to be introduced to patients at large. They are welcoming potential entrepreneurs to help develop the device further before commercial production so that PD patients will best benefit from medical devices. Watch a more info video showing the movements of a person with Parkinson’s’ disease  before and after treatment with vibrotactile coordinated reset stimulation. As there is currently no cure for the condition, finding treatments to help alleviate symptoms as much as possible may help a person enjoy a better quality of life.

Just as taking small breaks increases the effectiveness of study or exercise, pauses improve the treatment’s effectiveness. Another type of Parkinson’s glove may help reduce tremors by sending vibrations through a person’s fingertips. Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative brain condition that affects the nervous system and typically worsens slowly over time. A 2021 study suggested that using vibrations through a Parkinson’s glove may lead to a significant reduction in PD movement disorders, such as tremors.

The sensors can measure hand tremor signals, the angle at which the fingers bend, and how much pressure a person applies to objects through the fingers and palm. There are currently two types of Parkinson’s gloves in the clinical trial stages. Symptoms of PD typically include uncontrolled movements, such as tremors and muscle rigidity. The glove is currently not available for purchase and obtaining additional reading access to the glove at this point is only possible through the clinical trial. Charcot’s vibrating chair, and the vibrating platforms and therapies developed by researchers who followed, alleviated some symptoms of Parkinson’s, but the results were inconclusive and temporary. On June 17, 2018, Kanwarjit Bhutani stepped out of an elevator with his wife, unaware his life was about to change.

parkinsons gloves

As the Parkinson’s glove is still in clinical trials, they are not widely available for patients at this time. Since August of 2022, Dr. Tass’s team has engaged in further clinical trials to bolster their findings, working towards FDA approval for this treatment. He went from relying on a wheelchair to finish the New York City Marathon just three months after his first treatment. Bhutani added that his day-to-day mobility has also improved significantly, calling it “perfect.”

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