Neuropathy Signs, Symptoms, And Diagnosis

signs of neuropathy

While it can happen because of infectious diseases, this condition doesn’t spread from person to person on its own. The only exception is Hansen disease, which can spread from person to person but doesn’t spread easily. In many cases, a different type of problem, such as a kidney condition or a hormone imbalance, leads to peripheral neuropathy.

signs of neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy can result from traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic problems, inherited causes and exposure to toxins. The Neuromuscular Program works closely with Yale researchers who are exploring the underlying cause of neuropathy and hunting for you can try here new treatments. The team at Yale Medicine has both the comprehensive expertise and advanced equipment to diagnose neuropathy successfully. They also provide treatments that both minimize the discomfort and offer the best opportunity to reverse the condition.

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The success of such therapy can depend on how much nerve damage there is and the age of the patient. The extent of recovery is often less dramatic for older patients, he adds. Neuropathy, or nerve damage, can result from a wide range of conditions such as diabetes and even treatments like chemotherapy.

Poorly managed neuropathy may result in serious complications, including gangrene and amputations, injuries and skin problems, digestive troubles, loss… If you think you’re having these symptoms, consult a super fast reply physician. There are certain patterns of complaints that suggest neuropathy, says Dr. Williams, so taking down a patient history that includes a description of the complaints is an important first step.

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This condition can affect a single nerve, a connected group of related nerves, or many nerves in multiple places throughout your body. The symptoms also depend on the type of nerve signals affected, and multiple signal types may be involved. Lifestyle choices can play a role in preventing peripheral neuropathy. You can lessen your risk for many of these conditions by avoiding alcohol, correcting vitamin deficiencies, eating a healthy diet, losing weight, avoiding toxins, and exercising regularly. The peripheral nervous system sends information from the brain and spinal cord, also called the central nervous system, to the rest of the body through motor nerves.

As mentioned, long-term use of metformin can leave you deficient of this vitamin. (35) He also urges having a diabetes-friendly diet to help keep blood sugar levels in a healthy range. Blood Tests These can be ordered to check for elevated blood sugar (as seen in type 2 diabetes), toxins, vitamin deficiencies, hereditary disorders, and evidence of an abnormal immune response. Exercise comes with a slew of health benefits for everyone, including people managing nerve damage. Neuropathy is damage to the peripheral nerves, and signs may include a prickling, burning, or numb sensation.

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Making fitness a part of your routine can help to address the muscle weakness that some people experience with neuropathy, as well as reduce pain. In people with diabetic neuropathy, regular exercise can also help lower high blood sugar (hyperglycemia). But be sure you talk to your healthcare team before beginning a new exercise regimen try this because neuropathy can affect how you respond (or don’t respond) to injury or activities that risk injury. Peripheral neuropathy happens when the nerves that are located outside of the brain and spinal cord (peripheral nerves) are damaged. This condition often causes weakness, numbness and pain, usually in the hands and feet.

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