10 Natural Treatments For Neuropathy In Legs And Feet DSC

treatment for neuropathy in legs and feet home remedies

Inhaling aromatherapy oils help us to feel the serenity and heavenly healing bliss that these oils create. When it comes to pain and massage treatment, it is recommended to mix the essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut and apply it to the skin. Also be sure that your essential oil brand is safe and all natural – essential oil should be 100% plant oil, zero additives or fillers. Coconut Oil as a Carrier Oil Coconut oil for leg pain is a common treatment to serve carrier oil, usually blending essential oils to form a harmony.

treatment for neuropathy in legs and feet home remedies

While you can get vitamin B from your meals, your doctor may also recommend taking a supplement. Stick to the recommended dose to prevent toxicity and worsening symptoms. Treatment methods vary depending via on the cause of the condition. Many natural and traditional methods focus on alleviating pain symptoms. The effects of peripheral neuropathy can develop suddenly or can spread slowly over time.

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Other dietary changes may benefit people with peripheral neuropathy, whether or not they have diabetes. In addition, exercise reduces pressure on peripheral blood sell vessels, which may benefit people at risk of neuropathy. One of the major benefits of natural treatments is that they don’t dig a huge hole in your pocket.

It is a practice based on the use of minute and undetectable doses of substances to treat illnesses that can cause similar symptoms in healthy individuals as those who are ill. Each patient is treated as a unique individual, taking into account physical, mental, social and behavioral symptoms. However, the basis of homeopathy states that read what he said a drug becomes more powerful by dilution, which is completely inconsistent with the accepted laws of chemistry. Nerves form the interconnected network in the human body that transmits sensory and motor impulses. For this reason, neuropathies are often classified according to the location of the damage or the disease that causes it.

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Massage with oils to help relieve swelling, relieve fatigue in the legs. Sweet Marjoram Sweet Marjoram is known to bring a feeling of calm and relaxation to the body and mind. It has a warming effect, so when applied topically, it promotes blood circulation. Peppermint Oil Peppermint Oil is fragrant and effective in a variety of disorders resulting from the treatment of muscle spasms and irritable bowel syndrome.

Exercise also increases blood flow to your arms and legs and reduces stress. The blood vessels narrow and less oxygenated blood can get through. Without proper blood circulation, you may experience increased numbness and pain from your peripheral neuropathy. Starting or increasing your activity level will lower your blood glucose levels and reduce the risk of nerve damage in your feet and legs. It will also improve the flow of nutrients and oxygen around your body.

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