Sinus Surgery: Types, What To Expect, And Recovery

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Some people are born with sinuses that aren’t shaped the typical way. The doctor will do this at your first follow-up visit.If the bleeding is continuous, tilt your head back a little bit and breathe slowly through your nose. OTC nasal sprays can also be used to help stop excess bleeding only if cleared by your surgeon. Contact your doctor if this treatment does not help to slow your bleeding. Black says he uses a  nasal saline rinse and a mild steroid nasal spray two times every day.

At these visits, they will usually clear out some blood and reduce scar tissue after first removing a stent, if you had one. Like any surgical procedure, sinus surgery does have risks. If sinus surgery has been recommended as an option for you, keep reading to find out what to expect. Beginning the day after surgery, you’ll perform sinus flushes (also called irrigations) twice per day.

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Severe complications that may occur include eye, nasofrontal duct stenosis, and orbital problems. Nasal polyp surgery is reference tolerated well by most people with this condition. It’s important to talk with your doctor about risks and side effects.

nasal polyps surgery cost

While usually not cancerous (benign), polyps can gradually grow and lead to problems with smell, congestion, and recurring sinusitis. These symptoms may occur when polyps grow to full size, see post which is about the same size as a grape. If you have nasal polyps with symptoms that have not responded to other therapies, a nasal polypectomy may be considered to remove the polyps.

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These symptoms should subside within a week, but you may see some blood when you blow your nose for up to a month. A surgeon can also make the openings to the sinuses larger. This procedure doesn’t involve removing tissue from inside the nose. In endoscopic navigate here surgery, a surgeon puts a small tube with a lighted lens or tiny camera, also known as an endoscope, through the nostrils into the sinuses. You can have minor, limited bleeding at home after your surgery, and it typically resolves quickly.

If you swallowed any blood during the surgery, which commonly can occur, you may be nauseous and vomit following surgery. This is not a medical emergency and usually resolves after vomiting one time. Children with cystic fibrosis (CF) are also prone to the development of nasal polyps. Approximately 50% of children with CF will develop nasal polyps, and children without CF will rarely develop them. You may consider weighing the cost of this surgery versus other treatments.

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