How Nasal Polyps Are Treated

nasal polyps natural treatment

I drink black tea with ginger powder and green tea with natural honey. I may go back to twice a day and trying the H2O2 inhalation as a last resort. I am also looking for things that are producing inflammation in my body. Or, source a pure garlic powder supplement or extract.

They are great sources of anti-oxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists don’t really know what causes nasal polyps. However, more hints there is some evidence that people who develop polyps have a different immune system response than those who don’t get polyps.

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I discovered your site and tried ACV and by next day my nose was clear. Meanwhile my husband had a sinus problem and I wanted him to try ACV as well. Thank you for sharing your ACV to cure nasal polyps…I have mine ..and I think I follow your way of curing nasal polyps.

nasal polyps natural treatment

It can be added to various dishes, blended into smoothies, or consumed as a warm turmeric tea. Additionally, turmeric supplements are available, which can provide a more concentrated dose of curcumin. Doctors may prescribe steroid nasal sprays or article source prednisone for relief, which can stop symptoms or get rid of polyps altogether. Doctors treat this condition by reducing their size and managing the disorders that might be responsible for aggravating the inflammation of the passages/sinuses.

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The information in our articles is NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. Anyway..try the steam with ACV and inhaling, but be careful to not make it too hot so you burn yourself. NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING has worked for me ever, and in three days [ a bit painful] nonetheless I have had such good results. And I believe the theory that this ACV attacks bacteria, one of the responsible causes (or the only cause).

Although I am a true believer of all these wonderful remedies I also believe that it is more important what don’t ingest rather than what you do. That is change the diet, it you can try these out is the only way to get to the problem’s core. For those suffering from sinus polyps, incorporating turmeric into the diet or taking it as a supplement can be beneficial.

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