Toenail Fungus: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

nail fungus images

On the other hand, you’re more likely to see white spots or patches on the nail’s surface with white superficial toenail fungus. Practicing good hygiene and foot care reduces the chance toenail fungus will come back. If you have diabetes, getting regular foot exams may help you address foot problems before they get serious. A skin specialist (dermatologist) or foot doctor (podiatrist) can explain your treatment options. If you have a mild case that doesn’t bother you, your healthcare provider may recommend no treatment.

But if you have a lot in one area, you might get infected. The treatment can take a long time to fully cure the infection, and may require additional rounds of treatment. Complications in some extreme cases may include nail damage or permanent loss, or spread of the infection.

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That’s what exactly happens when dealing with a bout of toenail fungus. Here’s what you need to know about the different fungal toenail infections, what causes them, and how you can treat them. You may feel more info tempted to cover up a discolored toenail with nail polish. But if you’re using a topical antifungal, you probably shouldn’t use polish. Your healthcare provider may tell you not to wear it in any case.

An ongoing fungal infection can spread from your toenail to other places, or to your nails from somewhere else. If you have or suspect a toenail fungus, take swift action to keep the problem from becoming worse. In rare cases, toenail fungus can cause an infection called cellulitis.

nail fungus images

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“If left untreated, which is very common, the infection will spread to the rest of the nail and eventually spread to the other nails.” Like it or not, we spend our days living among various microorganisms, including fungi and via yeast. Many of those organisms never make themselves known to us, peacefully coexisting in, on, and around our bodies. But some tend to overgrow, causing infection and many symptoms, from painless itching to funky odors.

Ensure they sterilize all instruments before using them on you. You may also be able to bring your own supplies, but if they’ve been used, disinfect them first. This type of infection is especially common in agricultural workers due to exposure to wet environments, mud, and animal waste.

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If you notice a fungal infection, make an appointment to see a healthcare provider. Nail debridement (removal) may be necessary if you don’t respond to or can’t take other treatments. A healthcare provider may surgically remove your nail or apply a chemical to have a peek here the nail to encourage it to fall off on its own. You may need a prescription to treat it, whether that means taking a medicine by mouth or using a special cream. In serious cases, your nail may need to be removed so a healthy new one can grow in its place.

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