Best Medication For Nail Fungus: Types And Benefits

best nail fungus treatment

Toenail fungus, if left untreated, can become a tough problem to treat and will greatly influence what medications you need. In fact, it’s best not to wait until your problem is severe before starting some kind of treatment, especially if you’re hoping to stick with OTC products. People who have diabetes or a suppressed immune system should address minor cases of toenail fungus right away.

This pick comes with a dropper so you can drop the oil directly onto your toenail every day. You can also add several drops into a foot soak and page treat your toenail fungus that way. However, adding the oil directly onto your foot will probably be more effective at killing off the fungus.

best nail fungus treatment

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For optimal results, apply the solution on the cuticles and skin surrounding the nail. This helps the product penetrate underneath the nail bed to address the fungus. Funginix recommends applying the solution daily and practicing patience, as toenail fungus often takes longer to treat. Antifungal remedies help to stop the growth of the fungus.

Ciclopirox is a different topical antifungal, and its complete cure rate may reach 8.5%. Tavaborole is a topical antifungal with a complete cure rate of 6.5%. A 2022 review explains that people with fingernail infections must take two 200 mg capsules daily for 7 days. Itraconazole treatment involves taking one 200 mg capsule daily for 12 weeks in people with toenail infections. For people with fingernail infections, terbinafine treatment takes 6 weeks. In all cases, the individual must take one 250 milligrams (mg) tablet daily.

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And even if your nail condition improves, repeat infections are common. Probelle attacks toenail fungus by creating a multi-step solution to clean the problem area and prevent fungal growth. In the morning, use Probelle coconut oil body wash to clean the area and then this content apply the nail polish solution to the dried nails. In the evening, apply the Natural Fungal Gel Nail Treatment to the affected area and let it dry. Probelle claims that 94 percent of people in a clinical trial saw improvement from the system within six weeks.

While this formula is effective on multiple skin issues, it doesn’t smell great and is pretty costly at $70 per tub. Additionally, unlike other products that suggest applying to the affected area 1-2 times per day, you have to apply this 3-4 times per day to see his response results. Your health care provider may prescribe antifungal drugs that you take by mouth (orally) or apply to the nail. Natural preventative measures can be effective, but once fungus sets in, your best bet is a research-backed and FDA approved oral antifungal.

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