Best Medication For Nail Fungus: Types And Benefits

nail fungus medication

Tolnaftate works by inhibiting the growth of fungi that cause fungal infections, explains Correa. Products with tolnaftate can be applied directly to the affected nails, allowing the medication to penetrate the nail and reach the site of infection. You can apply this get redirected here product to the affected area in the morning and at night. Lotrimin AF Cream for Athlete’s Foot with 1% clotrimazole is a good option for targeting toenail fungus. To use this product, we recommend applying it to your toenails every day, in the morning and at night.

They’re usually applied directly to the nails once or twice a day for 6-12 months. Dr. LoGerfo notes says to be sure to apply the medication to the end of the nail, toenail bed, side nail folds, skin at the bottom of the nail, and the nail plate. Studies have shown that applying undiluted eucalyptus oil to the affected area might help kill toenail fungus. This pick comes with a dropper so you can drop the oil directly onto your toenail every day.

nail fungus medication

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They suggested a combination of oral and topical medications, particularly ones with antifungal ingredients like zinc undecylenate, terbinafine, and efinaconazole. The Probelle treatment system doesn’t just use a unique combination of washes, polishes, and gels to achieve results; it also harnesses the benefits of coconut oil lauric esters. But the company also says that more severe infections can take up to a year to heal because of how long it takes for nails to grow. Customers say the formula is gentle on their skin and shows results within weeks of daily use. We love that it comes with a small brush for easy application. To apply this product, make sure to put the solution both underneath the nail and around your cuticle.

Also, some research shows that tea tree oil has anti-fungal effects. Your health care provider might suggest temporary removal of the nail so that the antifungal drug can try what he says be applied directly to the infection under the nail. Your health care provider may prescribe antifungal drugs that you take by mouth (orally) or apply to the nail.

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If left untreated, the fungus can grow severely by hardening the nails and spreading to other toes. In addition, the medication used to treat nail fungus can cause complications, including heart and liver problems and anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction. When you don’t address toenail fungus early, it can develop into a more learn more here severe infection, which may result in ridding the toenail of fungus, loss of the toenail, or pain. Nail debridement (removal) may be necessary if you don’t respond to or can’t take other treatments. A healthcare provider may surgically remove your nail or apply a chemical to the nail to encourage it to fall off on its own.

A 2019 article lists ciclopirox olamine as the active ingredient in ciclopirox 8% topical solution. As a 2015 research article explains, the main ingredient in efinaconazole 10% topical solution is efinaconazole. Research measures the efficacy of antifungal drugs by a complete cure of 48 weeks.

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Oral and topical antifungals are the two main treatment methods for nail fungus infection. This article explains toenail fungus causes, symptoms, treatment, potential complications, and prevention steps. A 2022 review explains that people with fingernail infections must take two 200 mg capsules daily for 7 days. Itraconazole treatment involves taking one 200 mg capsule daily for 12 weeks in people with toenail infections. A 2022 review discusses the two main lines of treatment for nail fungus oral (taken by mouth) and topical (applied to skin) antifungals.

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