Ocular Migraines: Understanding & Treating Ocular Migraine AMF

ocular migraine

Retinal migraine involves repeated bouts of short-lasting diminished vision or blindness. Some people confuse an super fast reply with a retinal migraine headache. For instance, you can experience a visual aura because of the condition. For infrequent attacks, medications that target symptoms can be effective, from NSAIDs for pain to anti-nausea medications. Preventative therapies including calcium channel blockers, antiepileptic or tricyclic medications. Quitting smoking is recommended and cessation of oral contraceptives may be advised in certain circumstances.

It’s essential to build a support network of understanding people who can not only check in on you during an attack but also empathize with your experience. Read this article to learn about building a support system. Then consider joining the Move Against Migraine support group on Facebook so you can connect with others who live with migraine. Mounting evidence suggests there may be a connection between migraine and mental health. Anxiety disorders and depression are two of the most commonly reported mental illnesses among people who are diagnosed with migraine. By learning how migraine and mental health impact one another and ways to manage both, you can improve your quality of life.

This Diagnosis & Treatment page walks you through next steps after a diagnosis. You could also search our Resources Library to learn more about symptoms, triggers and treatments. Some people experience an aura before migraine sets in and symptoms can last for up to an hour. Aura typically involves visual impairments such as small blind spots or flashes.

ocular migraine

It’s important to work with your obstetrician and your headache doctor when you have migraine to establish a safe treatment plan. If you’re not already working with a headache doctor, use our Find a Doctor tool to find someone in your area. Plan to discuss the FDA’s safety guide for medication use during pregnancy. Did you know that 20% of women say they avoid pregnancy because of migraine? While migraine thankfully does not affect fertility, it can complicate conversations about family planning and infertility treatments.

However, stroke can cause vision problems that may be similar to official statement. Because of this, it’s important to seek medical care if you experience sudden changes in your vision. There is no cure for ocular migraine, but some medications, lifestyle adjustments, and other therapies can help prevent or reduce migraine symptoms. A doctor may diagnose someone with ocular migraine if they have visual symptoms consistent with migraine. Visual symptoms due to ocular migraine can be scary and disabling, but most are short lived.

Retinal migraine is extremely rare, and the visual changes are in only one eye. When visual changes are only in one eye, they could signal something serious and require immediate treatment. An try what he says is a condition that causes temporary vision loss and severe headaches. Although the symptoms of ocular migraines can be frightening, the condition is harmless and short-lived in most cases. However, ocular migraines can indicate serious health problems, such as an increased risk of stroke or severe carotid artery disease.

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