Migraine Aura: Symptoms, Treatment, And Causes

migraine aura

Then consider joining the Move Against Migraine support group on Facebook so you can connect with others who live with migraine. It’s important to work with your obstetrician and your headache doctor when you have migraine to establish a safe treatment plan. If you’re not already working with a headache doctor, use our Find a Doctor tool to find someone in your area. Plan to discuss the FDA’s safety guide for medication use during pregnancy. According to this theory, a primary wave of nerve cell activity leads to changes across your brain and triggers your trigeminal nerve.

Experts think the aura happens because of this electrical wave moving across the part of your brain that processes signals from your senses. Some children and older adults may get an aura but no pain. During a migraine episode, some people may find it difficult to speak or communicate with others. They may have difficulty finding the right words to use, or they may mumble or slur their speech. The warning sign is most commonly a symptom that affects your sight, such as blind spots or seeing flashing lights.

migraine aura

The American Migraine Foundation Resource Library provides a wealth of articles designed to assist you in understanding your symptoms and treatment options. If your support system is lacking, consider joining a support group. Finding a community of people who understand exactly what you’re going through is like being welcomed home after a long, tiring day. Did you know that 20% of women say they avoid pregnancy because of migraine? While migraine thankfully does not affect fertility, it can complicate conversations about family planning and infertility treatments.

An epilepsy aura is sometimes called a focal aware seizure (FAS). Symptoms may only last a few seconds to several minutes. But it can be a sign that try this a more serious seizure is about to happen. If you know what to look out for, you may be able to get somewhere safe before your seizure starts.

If you have new symptoms that are different for you, call 911 and get help right away. You may notice jagged lines that look like a horseshoe that get bigger. You such a good point may get something called Alice in Wonderland syndrome. When this happens, your body parts may seem distorted, or you may feel like a big person in a small room.

Some people experience aura not before the headache phase, but after the headache has started. Along with aura, there are many other symptoms that you can try here can accompany migraine attacks. These can vary depending on the stage or phase of the migraine, as well as among individuals and for each attack.

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