List Of 84 Migraine Medications Compared

prescription migraine medicine

However, they may also be considered for migraine, though evidence for efficacy is mixed. The calcium channel blocker verapamil, a generic or available as Calan or Veralan, is considered as an off-label treatment for this condition. These drugs reduce nausea and vomiting that can accompany severe migraines.

prescription migraine medicine

They cause blood vessels around your brain to contract and can relieve a migraine within a few minutes. These drugs are taken at the onset of migraine symptoms or auras to relieve a headache or reduce its severity. CGRP inhibitors are in a class of biologic drugs called monoclonal antibodies, which means that rather than being synthesized from chemicals, they are produced by altering the DNA inside of living cells. They work by targeting a protein in the brain and nervous system that plays a role in the progression and pain of migraines. You’ll probably first see a primary care provider, who might then refer you to a provider trained in evaluating and treating headaches, called a neurologist.

Currently there are no drugs that specifically target and prevent migraines. Certain blood pressure medications as well as some antidepressants, anti-seizure drugs, and herbals have been shown to have beneficial effects in preventing migraine headaches. It’s important to understand that prophylactic medicines may not produce any get the facts significant benefits right away and maximal effects may not be seen for weeks to up to 6 months. There are some people who only need a rescue or an acute treatment for migraine because they have infrequent migraine attacks. But there are other people who are having frequent migraine attacks, maybe two or three times a week.

Nonetheless, these medications help countless people handle and prevent attacks. It’s worth talking to your doctor about your migraine treatment options. Among the most widely prescribed drugs for migraine are beta-blockers, which are also used for sell high blood pressure (hypertension), cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), and other heart or circulation issues. Most common of these are Tenormin (atenolol), Inderal LA (propranolol), or Toprol XL (metoprolol), but there are many others.

The FDA has classified isometheptene mucate as “possibly” effective for migraines, pending further review. One option, biofeedback, focuses on tracking your body’s signs of stress and tension using a specialized device worn on the body. Since spikes in stress response can bring on attacks, wearers can learn to sense them coming, making them better able to manage their condition. However, using these too often or too many at a time can become problematic. In some cases, it can actually make headaches worse, a condition called medication overuse headache (MOH).

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding or have heart disease, you shouldn’t take ergotamines. Ergotamines can also interact negatively with these details other drugs, including antifungal and antibiotic medications. Ergotamines were the first class of drugs used specifically for migraines.

At some point, a migraine sufferer may need to move on to preventative therapy. This usually becomes necessary when migraine attacks happen more than once a week and/or abortive medications fail to work more than half the time. Migraine symptoms occur, in part, because of the dilation of blood vessels in the brain. Until recently, migraine sufferers had few choices when it came to drugs to counteract this effect.

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