Menopause: What It Is, Age, Stages, Signs & Side Effects

what age does menopause start

Experts believe this increased risk happens because women who undergo menopause later are exposed to more estrogen throughout their lifetimes. Menopause that occurs before age 40 is called premature menopause. If you experience menopause between ages 40 and 45, you’re said to have early menopause. About 5 percent of women go through early menopause naturally. You’ll likely experience irregular periods along with various other symptoms.

what age does menopause start

When this decrease occurs, your menstrual cycle (period) starts to change. Don’t be afraid to talk to your healthcare provider about any decreases you’re experiencing in your sex get redirected here drive. Your provider will discuss options to help you feel better. For example, you can treat vaginal dryness with over-the-counter (OTC), water-soluble or silicone lubricants.

For example, maybe you don’t get hot flashes, but insomnia leaves you feeling tired and irritable. Did you know that estrogen also helps support the sides of your bladder? That’s why urinary incontinence and frequent urination can be common after menopause.

Many AFAB folks enter the perimenopausal phase in their late 40s. Perimenopause means around menopause. At this stage, your estrogen and progesterone production slows, and you navigate to these guys begin to make the transition into menopause. It’s important to keep in mind that early menopause, perimenopause, and menopause symptoms are not linear or fully defined by age.

But some women experience menopause in their 40s with a small percentage experiencing signs of menopause earlier. Your experience with menopause will be unique to super fast reply you from when it starts to the types of menopause symptoms you’ll feel as you age. But there are usually some signs to tell you where you re at in the process.

However, researchers are investigating new ways to help people in menopause have children. Premature menopause can be a symptom of an autoimmune disease, such as thyroid disease or rheumatoid arthritis. Women with Fragile X syndrome, or who are genetic carriers of the disease, may also have early menopause. For example, Turner syndrome (also called monosomy X and gonadal dysgenesis) involves being born with an incomplete chromosome. Body mass index (BMI) can also factor into early menopause. Women who are very thin have fewer estrogen stores, which can be depleted sooner.

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