What Are The Exact Triggers For Initiating Companion Quests In Fallout: New Vegas? Arqade

ede my love commands

ED-E will not react to any further keywords until at least five in-game days have passed. I’d like to see the other now, so I’m curious about the exact trigger for initiating the companion learn more here quests. Once she’s met, April offers to upgrade ED-E’s weapon system to compensate for the data being given to the Followers to promote the greater good of the wasteland.

When the Courier arrives in Primm, he/she is able to repair ED-E, allowing the eyebot to join the Courier’s quest as a companion. By 2277, pressured by the conflict with the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel, the Enclave leadership ordered the reallocation of resources towards the production of Hellfire pop over to these guys armor, bringing eyebot production to a halt and leaving ED-E as the last surviving model. This side quest can actually be pretty long, and worse yet, super convoluted. So what we’ve done here in our walkthrough for the side quest entitled ED-E My Love is we’ve reduced things down to its essence.

For Rex, his (her? its?) quest – “Nothin’ But a Hound Dog” – will again be activated before Rex is a companion, and again the first few steps of the quest are what unlocks Rex as a companion. internet With the Enhanced Sensors perk, it can also detect enemies at a greater range and even through walls. Frail but loyal, ED-E carries a valuable set of utilities under its chassis.

Speak with her, and she’ll cut to the chase and begin asking you about the robot. You can pick her brain about what she intends to do with it and why she doesn’t want the Brotherhood of Steel to have it, but ultimately, you’ll need to hand it over to her and then wait three in-game days. After waiting the prerequisite seventy-two hours, the game will prompt you that ED-E has randomly reappeared back at Primm. Head back to town, and you should find him floating around the same shop where you earlier found him disabled. He’ll join back up with you, at which point this random side quest will conclude. You should be able to wait right there in HELIOS One, waiting in two batches of 24-hours each.

It’s an Enclave Eyebot from the East Coast, distinguished by its distinctive whistling sound. ED-E is a model of robot with extensive repair and technical capabilities, including the ability to serve as a workbench and ammunition crafting station. When the player finds ED-E in Primm, it is in a state of disrepair. It can be repaired by the player with a Repair skill of 65, or they can use specific parts such as three pieces of scrap metal, two sensor modules, and some scrap electronics.

ede my love commands

Eyebot Duraframe Subject E is both the prototype, and the last functional model in this test group. It should be noted that there’s a second version of ED-E in the Lonesome Road DLC, a personality clone of the original ED-E. This version has more developed characteristics, backstory and can provide unique dialogue. This ED-E’s fate will affect the original ED-E’s in Mojave at the end of the DLC. Alternatively, if the bunker has already been accessed, such as if Veronica is a companion, there will just be a prompt to meet Lorenzo in the bunker.

While you don’t have to implicitly follow our instructions, doing so will allow you to complete this side quest in roughly ten or fifteen minutes, as opposed to stretching the side quest out to uncomfortably-long lengths. In Primm, you’ll find a building marked with the word “MOJAVE” on the top of a building. Enter, and you should find a broken robot sitting on the counter directly in front of you. With a decent Science or Repair skill, you can repair ED-E easily and quickly, but without those skills, you’ll have to find some items to fix the robot. This is one of many reasons why waiting until deep into the game to complete this side quest is worth it. To meet up with the Followers of the Apocalypse, you’ll need to head over to the Old Mormon Fort at Freeside.

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