18 Must-Watch Boss Falls In Love With Employee Thai Dramas

love commands thai drama eng sub

With just four episodes, this lakorn is the shortest one on this list. It is a short and entertaining watch ideal for times when you do not want to commit to a longer drama. Lin is a poor girl who has lost all hopes of living a happy life. Frustrated, she decides to end her life when suddenly an angel from heaven comes crashing into her room to stop her from attempting suicide. He then takes up the challenge of making Lin see the brighter side of life.

But when he meets Rung, the psychiatrist, they both start off on the wrong foot and dislike each other instantly. In fact, Thien is a playboy and slept with a woman, not knowing that her husband is a prolific mobster. Paeng see post became obsessed with loving Arthit and she caused him to get into a car accident, which nearly took his life. Arthit and Paeng were good friends as he always took good care of her while they were in school together.

love commands thai drama eng sub

When the king orders her to choose any one man she tells him her story. In her story, we see that though both the men love Wan Thong dearly, neither one of them was truly worthy of her love. Pim is a hard-working and ambitious young girl who works as the sales manager of a shoe company. At 30, her more hints family feels it’s time for her to settle down with her childhood bestie Pon. But Pim is not in love with Pon and considers him only a friend. Pon, however, has been in love with Pim since their school days but has never had the courage to express his feelings lest he loses Pim’s friendship.

Tongrak has many struggles in life, but she’s agreed to be a surrogate mom for her sister Praefah who has health issues. When he accidentally travels back to 1913 with Pitchaya, they find themselves in a house full of mystery and murder. Paam had always resented his father for abandoning him and his mother. But Ornrapee loves her husband very much and believes that they would meet again one day.

This gives Noona an opportunity to shore up some confidence to tell her father who she really is. Methakawin is her new boss at the aquarium, but they already don’t like each other. Waralee is in her 30s and has declared that she will stay single for life.

One man, in particular, is willing to give Nid a chance if she’s willing to be the secretary for his brother’s farm in the rural countryside. When Nid’s father passes away, she and her brother are very upset. Nid’s sister-in-law is tasked to take care of Nid’s super fast reply school bills while he’s out of the country for work. She ends up at Buakom Farms where her father works under the owner, Singh. Even though a hi-so girl like Noon has never worked before in her life, she asks to be a farmhand to get close to her father.

Now this one is about being pushed to the end of one’s tether. And just when you think you can end it all for once, life sends you a handsome surprise to regain faith in life and love. No, it has absolutely no connection with The Twilight Series . It doesn’t have a single vampire in it but it does have some magical men who turn into tigers. Here is a tempting office romance meant to cater to all your drama tropes. Brimming with sexy romance this lakorn gives you a gorgeous couple and some heart-melting scenes.

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