Kidney Problems In Dogs: Kidney Failure, Kidney Disease, And More

kidney disease in dogs

Once a dog’s kidney disease is well-managed, some of the first signs pet parents notice are reduced thirst and urination. Most dogs have more energy and are more playful once they feel better too. They may also start to have better appetites and as a result, gain a little weight. Treating get redirected here often requires lifelong management, but many dogs with kidney disease can live long, happy lives with proper treatment and care. Holistic treatment for kidney disease in dogs may include acupuncture and various types of herbal supplements to reduce pain and support the kidneys. Dogs with kidney disease benefit from additional fluid intake to ensure adequate hydration and perfusion of the kidneys.

Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (blood pressure medications) will help to lower pressure in the kidneys, therefore lessening the degree of proteinuria. They principally act to remove waste products from the blood stream, regulate the levels of certain essential minerals such potassium and sodium, conserve water, and produce super fast reply urine. Talk to your veterinarian if you’re concerned about canine kidney failure. If kidney disease or kidney failure is diagnosed in your dog, treatment will depend on the severity of his condition. Your vet will begin by addressing issues related to underlying conditions like chemical poisoning, dehydration, or infection.

kidney disease in dogs

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Other symptoms don’t usually become apparent until about two-thirds of the kidney tissue is destroyed. So, in the case of CKD, the damage may have begun months or even years before the owner notices. Because of this, it’s common for the signs of kidney disease in dogs to seem like they came out of the blue when in fact, the kidneys have been struggling for a long time. Now, the treatment for kidney disease in dogs can be short-lived if your dog has acute kidney failure or it could be a long-term commitment if your dog has a chronic renal failure.

A blood biochemistry analysis assesses the function of various internal organs. Measuring the level of two waste products in the blood, namely blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and blood creatinine (CREA), indicates decreased kidney function. When disease or advanced age causes the filtration process to become inefficient and ineffective, blood flow to the kidneys is increased in an attempt to increase filtration.

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Your dog’s kidneys are essential organs that filter waste products from the bloodstream. When the kidneys are weakened, either by acute or chronic kidney disease, your dog’s health could suffer. Because kidney disease progresses over time, it’s important to learn the common symptoms so tha you can recognize them.

If you catch check these guys out early on, treatment can slow down the progression and allow your dog to live longer. The food your dog eats plays an important role in his overall health and well-being. If your dog is diagnosed with kidney or renal disease, modifying his food can help manage the disease by reducing the amounts of protein, phosphorus and salt in his food. Phosphorus restriction seems especially important in lessening the severity of the clinical signs and progression of kidney damage. Balanced nutrition is an essential part of an active, healthy lifestyle. If your dog has kidney problems, the right nutrition can positively impact your dog’s quality of life.

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