Kidney Pain: Causes, Why Kidneys Hurt, And When To Seek Care

where is kidney pain felt

You may feel pain in your back, in your side or both sides under your ribs, or in your groin. Urinary tract infections also cause discomfort in this organ. Without the correct treatment, kidney infections can become chronic and cause permanent kidney damage. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by bacteria in your urinary tract and can cause pain when you urinate.

As you try to pee out the stone, you might feel waves of pain. They clean out water, acids, and waste from your blood. They make urine so your body flushes out the waste. Kidney pain may also come from the middle or upper part of a person’s back.

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This leads to pain in the kidneys and blood in the urine. An enlarged prostate is a common condition in men additional reading over the age of 40. As the prostate gland gets bigger, it can partially block urine flow out of the kidney.

They may also feel pain relating to the kidneys anywhere in the urinary system, such as the bladder. You could have one of these health problems and not have kidney pain. For example, most kidney cancers don’t cause symptoms until they’re advanced. Sickle cell anemia is a genetic condition that changes the shape of red blood cells.

where is kidney pain felt

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Unlike back discomfort, it’s felt on one or both sides, usually under your rib cage. Kidney pain can occur on either or both sides of the spine, below the ribs. page Some people may also experience pain in the lower groin. Kidney infections can lead to a severe and potentially life threatening condition called sepsis.

Because of where your kidneys are in your body, kidney pain is also often confused with back pain. Talk to your doctor to find out what is causing your kidney pain and to find the right treatment. High blood pressure is the most common sign of polycystic kidney disease. If left untreated, this page high blood pressure can worsen kidney damage. One of the first tests your healthcare provider will order for kidney pain is a urinalysis. The test evaluates the composition of your urine to identify signs of kidney problems, including excessive proteins or red blood cells.

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