Kidney Infection Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

kidney infection

Many problems in the pelvis and abdomen can cause symptoms that look like kidney infection. Your doctor will want to diagnose your problem correctly to learn what’s happening and find the best treatment. Your kidneys keep the makeup of your blood stable, which lets your body work well. Each day, the two kidneys filter blood to remove waste and extra fluid, which leaves the body as urine. Once you start treatment, you should start to feel better in a few days.

kidney infection

Kidney infections can be more serious than lower UTIs. See a healthcare provider if you have symptoms of a his response. With emphysemic pyelonephritis (one of the most severe complications of acute pyelonephritis). If treated appropriately, nearly 9 out of 10 people recover, albeit with some level of kidney dysfunction. In some cases, a kidney infection can severely damage the kidneys, leading to lifelong chronic kidney disease (CKD). When bacteria from a kidney infection get into your blood, they can spread through your body and into your organs.

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Thereafter, the infection can spread to one or both kidneys through tubes that connect the bladder to the kidneys, called ureters. Bacteria that enter the urinary tract through the urethra can multiply and travel to your kidneys. This is the most common cause of kidney infections. If not treated properly, an infection can cause lasting damage to the kidneys. Or the bacteria can spread to the bloodstream and cause a dangerous infection.

Children under 2 years old with a kidney infection may have only a high fever. People over 65 may only have problems like mental confusion and jumbled speech. See a healthcare provider if you’re having trouble peeing or if you notice changes in your pee (like blood or cloudiness). In other instances, you will need to call 911 or go to the emergency room especially if there are signs of acute renal failure or sepsis.

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When the kidneys are damaged, they may not function well. In most cases, some damage won’t page cause too many problems. But, major damage may require more treatment, like dialysis.

In order for normal urination to occur, all body parts in the urinary tract need to work together in the correct order. For 21 consecutive years Charity Navigator has rated us a Top Nonprofit. The amount of time it takes for a UTI to turn into a kidney infection is different for each person. This happens when pus collects inside the kidney tissue. The bacteria may spread to other parts of your body like your lungs and bloodstream. This is when pee flows backward from your bladder to your ureters and kidneys.

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If you’re over 65 or you have other health problems like a weak immune system, it might take longer for you to recover. Call your doctor if you don’t navigate here feel better after you finish all of your antibiotic. Diseases like HIV and type 2 diabetes make it harder for your immune system to fight off germs.

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