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the ultimate high jump manual

Considering that the average standing reach for a 6 ft male is 8 ft, in order to touch the rim this person would need a vertical of 24 inches. We have taken the time to cover absolutely everything you will ever need to know about jumping higher. I’m so happy that I get to help kids and athletes all over the world. I know how bad it hurts to work so freaking hard and not get any gains.

the ultimate high jump manual

To overcome this mistake, athletes should focus on increasing their approach speed by incorporating proper sprinting techniques. This includes maintaining an upright posture, driving the arms forward and backward forcefully, and driving the knees high. By improving their sprinting technique and practicing explosive starts, athletes can generate more speed during the approach run, thus the advantage enhancing their high jump performance. Yes, it is definitely possible for a jump program to help you jump higher in basketball in 2 weeks or less. Most people who undertake jump programs begin to see results after the first week if they follow the program word for word. Have you noticed that almost all vertical jump training websites are setup to promote a single jump program.

As such, I was and always am a little skeptical of virtual jump training programs. By addressing these common mistakes in high jump techniques, athletes can significantly improve their performance and achieve higher jump heights. It is active important to combine proper approach speed, correct takeoff technique, and effective arching of the back to maximize the potential for success in the high jump event. I have been involved with vertical jump training for over ten years.

This action creates a tight body position and allows the athlete to clear the bar with minimal contact. To optimize the penultimate step, athletes should aim to achieve a quick and powerful push-off using the balls of their feet. This will generate explosive force and help propel the athlete upwards during takeoff. Proper timing and coordination between the penultimate step and the takeoff step are essential for a successful jump.

Jacob, I have doing the program for about four weeks now and I have already gained eight inches. I have used strength shoes and other programs but I only gained about two inches. I have gone from just dunking with one hand to super fast reply dunking with considerable force with two hands. One of the most common mistakes in high jump techniques is having insufficient approach speed. Many athletes underestimate the importance of a strong and powerful approach run.

Hiller discusses the max explosion workout while stating that once the workout chart is complete, you should be repeating the chart with increased weight and/or intensity. For athletes in-season or for hoopers unable to dedicate 1.5-2 hours of training a day on top of their already existing ball work on the court, this program may not be feasible. During your rest days, Hiller has implemented a recovery routine to ensure you make the most of your progress by relieving bodily tension and rebuilding your muscles. You’ll find core work in both weeks of the program, developed to continue making you stronger and more stable both on the ground and in flight.

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