Jump Manual Review Does Jacob Hillers Jump Manual Really Work?

the jump manual results

Therefore, it’s fair to say that this program was targeted more towards professional athletes. If you lack the time and resources, it might be difficult for you. I love it when authors stand behind their product and wish it would happen more often among vertical jump program developers. you could try this out Mr Jacob Hiller is a proven vertical jump professional who not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. The fact that Mr Hiller offers a full 60 day warranty and promises that you will gain 10 inches on your vertical demonstrates that he has supreme confidence in his program.

the jump manual results

Throughout the program Jacob Hiller emphasizes that when undertaking the program every exercise must be performed with MAXIMAL EFFORT. Knowing the “why” will strengthen your resolve, improve adherence and make it much more likely for you to achieve your first dunk. It is tempting to jump ahead, but trust me, the sequence that Jacob Hiller has designed needs to be followed in order. However, it does require a tremendous commitment lowest price on your part, and for many people that have school or a job, it might be too much to follow. It’s a very comprehensive questionnaire that allows you to go through each potential problem and figure out exactly what’s keeping you from making progress. This is done not through some magical fairy dust sprinkled on your shoes, but rather by teaching you a few aspects of vertical training that you can implement immediately.

In this tab Jacob discusses the importance of optimizing the penultimate step. He does a great job of describing how to lengthen the penultimate step and lower your center of gravity to optimize jump height. In these sections Jacob Hiller disperses some fantastic information on topics such as nutrition, body composition, recovery and many other helpful things. His attention to detail in these areas is a major reason why we think it is still the best jump program on the market, even though it’s presentation is a little outdated. However, it is also very important to consider that studies have shown that novice trainers adapt much more quickly and will only need to train at around 60% of one rep max to see optimal strength gains[3].

You also have the option to incorporate a few light recovery sessions as well. Yes, Jacob Hiller’s vertical jump is 44″, but what we don’t understand is why this seems so hard to believe. At the end of the day The Jump Manual only costs $67 which is very reasonable considering the quality of the content included.

It helps to understand the “why” behind what you will be doing in the gym. In order to get the most out of this program it is important to follow the linear sequence of the program. “The techniques inside The Jump Manual are all based on scientifically proven research. Nothing is “theory”. Everything has been tested and proven.” Many aspiring dunkers give up on their dream simply because no matter how hard they train, they just can’t make any progress after a certain point. Therefore, unless you’re able to make such a big commitment, I would recommend looking into Vert Shock, a program developed by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington. You won’t believe how much this small addition could upgrade your training.

During jump movements, various muscle groups in your body come into play, and it’s crucial to ensure they cooperate seamlessly. Achieving the right form and refining your technique is key to achieving this synergy while also preventing injury. By enhancing your ability to activate a larger number of muscle fibers in a shorter duration, you can get the facts significantly boost the muscular force generated during a jump. Jacob Hiller provides you with a stretch & recovery routine that will help to improve your flexibility and improve muscular regeneration so that you will be back at 100% for the next workout. If you’re like that, a plyometric-based workout program like Vert Shock is the way to go.

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