How To Jump 2-6 Inches Higher In 45 Minutes FREE Download

jump manual pdf free

The Jump Manual is a digital download that includes explanations, videos, and workout chart. Upon payment, you will have immediate access to The Jump Manual. You will source also receive unlimited one-on-one email coaching to ensure you are on the right path. Access to the Elite Jumpers Forum is available within the Jump Manual e-book.

With The Jump Manual training I have been able to get my vertical to the upper 40s. Now I can 360 two handed dunk, alley oop, and dunk in between my legs. I have gained well over 17 inches using the trainings, not to mention my first step is untouchable bro. While resistance training is an important you could try this out part of getting the maximum benefit from your training a weight room is not necessary. I provide exercises you can do with or without a weight room, a weight room is simply a convenient way to provide resistance to muscles. As long as your joints are in good shape you are ready to start training.

After reading this pdf I was amazed at how many factors there are for increasing your vertical jump. The second week we’re going to swap out some of the strength volume for slightly more power-oriented movements as we shift the focus to increasing rate of force development. If you don’t have access to a gym, familiarize yourself with the best at-home vertical jump exercises and replace the ones you can’t do with some of those. It doesn’t matter which day you axe, but just be mindful that I’ve included most of the upper body training volume on Saturdays so you may or may not want to get rid of those exercises. If you want to make serious vertical jump gains, you need to appreciate that it’s a long game.

jump manual pdf free

I do not require any special equipment or other gadgetry that you must purchase. I do recommend the use of a weight room, a gym, and a jump rope; however alternative exercises are available. Of course results depend on many independent circumstances and factors. Complete workout chart showing you exactly how to get the maximum effectiveness from your workout. You will be shown the correct way to train and how to perform the exercises to make sure you are getting the most out of what you’re learning. The program contains all the information you’ll ever need about jumping and it was developed by someone who has mastered this method to perfection, coach Jacob Hiller.

You don’t need to stick with these particular days if they don’t work for you, but do your best space the workouts out across the week as much as possible. If you’re extremely sore, it’s probably better to take the entire day off and do some light walking and mobility movements to help speed up recovery. I’ve designed it in such a way that will allow you to peak in week 4 and be rested enough that you should be jumping close to your highest by the end of the program.

You recognize any business endeavour has inherent risk for loss of capital. Just wanted to say great job on your videos and on educating people of the right way to increase their vertical. Most people are totally misguided on how to increase their vertical and many “experts” on the subject as well.

I have developed my own vertical beyond 40 inches and helped hundreds of other athletes to exceed 40+ vertical inches. The program provides an athlete everything they need to reach their peak vertical explosion and quickness. During a two year mission trip away from training, you can try these out basketball, and vertical jump training, I gave great thought to how my training went wrong. I developed a theory and started training local athletes using a few exercises each day. With those few exercises I saw more results than I had seen in any other training method.

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