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Rather than strictly seeing specialist players like a Dirk or a Kareem, today’s game continues to feature versatility above all else. In this bonus e-book, you’ll learn about the Miracle Static Stretches that help your muscles and tendons develop the full range of motion which can instantly add 2-4 inches to your vertical. However, if you’re able to complete the program and follow through on its principles, it’s not unreasonable to expect to reach a 35-inch vertical or higher (perhaps even 40″ if you already had a decent vertical).

The genetics you inherit from your parents also wield some influence in this context. While certain individuals are naturally blessed with an abundance of fast-twitch muscle fibers that enable impressive jumps, others may face greater challenges. Without a decent range of flexibility, you’re restricting the range within which your muscles can contract and generate force, consequently curbing your jumping height.

It’s far easier to deal with being unable to improve if you believe it is impossible, rather than wasting your time. In Chapter 4 you’ll find the critical elements of eating for maximum gains. Also, excelling at your sport is typically much more than being the most athletic player on the court. You will soon find that this content you ARE reaching your physical potential, and you will still need to focus on other aspects of your particular sport. You can get instant access to the Jump Manual, one-on-one coaching, and the Elite Jumpers Forum. Yes, you can access The Jump Manual from various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

So, you’re looking to soar to new heights on the court, seeking that explosive vertical leap that leaves defenders in awe and secures your place as a high-flying superstar. Finally, there’s a very informative section on palming the ball, which can be very important when you’re close to dunking but just can’t properly stuff the ball in the hoop. A big pro of The Jump Manual is the fact that it provides a science-backed approach for improving your vertical and explains clearly the reasoning behind the workouts. And this is not something new, so I’m not strictly speaking against Bounce Kit here, but the sad truth is, most of the programs out there nowadays are like that. The Jump Manual helps you to get a deep understanding of every major aspect that goes into an explosive vertical leap, and it does so in a short, digestible way without throwing a bunch of materials and textbooks on you.

the jump manual for sale

With those few exercises I saw more results than I had seen in any other training method. I continued to research, test, and develop vertical jump training programs. The Jump Manual is 12 weeks in total, with an emphasis on a repeatable workout schedule that resets every 14 days.

You will also receive unlimited one-on-one email coaching to ensure you are on the right path. Access to the Elite Jumpers Forum is available within official statement the Jump Manual e-book. The e-book format allows you to benefit from videos, update content, and give you immediate access to training.

This ensures that you’ll continue to utilize every single fiber in your muscles and condition them to perform at max capacity with each explosive movement. With The Jump Manual however, you can be confident that you’re using a program that is first and foremost safe, and it was proven to be effective click this link now for thousands of athletes worldwide. It covers everything you need to know about the mechanics of vertical jumping, and more. Some people have lots of fast twitch fibers and can jump high naturally, while others struggle. The faster your muscles can contract, the more explosive your jump will be.

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