Ironbound Performance Athletics Reopens In Downtown Jersey City

ironbound performance athletics

I really enjoy the core work, strength training, and mix of cardio. My first few classes were challenging to say the least but the support and kindness from the instructors and fellow read what he said members made me want to stick with it. I’m still here 2 1/2 years later and find myself significantly stronger and in better shape than I’ve ever been before in my life at 38.

IPA is a training gym, where every member is paired up with an experienced trainer that guides them through customized workouts. Unlike big-box gyms, trainers at IPA will also monitor your diet and make weekly assessments to ensure clients are sticking to their fitness goals. The gym offers a variety of workouts using a range of equipment including kettlebells, TRX, gymnastic rings, and more. At IPA, we provide a range of services from private, semi-private to group classes. Our instructors hyper-tailor workouts for your specific wellness goals from power hour strength to intense circuit training. Ironbound Performance Athletics is a gym that will be always open for everyone.

The classes are programmed with expertise and always allow for personalization regardless of what level you are at. I enjoy testing my strength now and thinking back to what I was barely able to do when I first started. I especially enjoy the camaraderie that I have with fellow members, we always encourage and challenge each other.

ironbound performance athletics

I found blog and am happy I did. I started out with the a few initial personal training sessions and then have continued with groups classes since. I love the format, pace, and variety of the workouts and the community Josh and the other trainers/coaches are building.

I started going to Ironbound probably about a year into the pandemic. I was doing at home workouts but as one knows who lifts weights it’s hard to stay in shape, keep your strength & stay motivated when you don’t have the proper tools. Not only has Ironbound helped me gain my strength this content back & PR on almost all of my lifts but they have given me a community that is full of support. The motivation & team like spirit really helps to keep me going. Several years ago I had a serious leg injury and while rehabbing decided to change my exercise routine completely.

Whether you’re here to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve your health your personal goal is our priority. We provide affordable memberships and tailor workouts to target any type of goal.

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