Chris Messina Joins Marin Ireland For Ironbound At The Geffen

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At once humorous and heartrending, Ironbound spans 22 years to tell the story of Darja, a Polish immigrant getting by on a cleaning job, aggressive pragmatism and sheer will. In this wry drama, award-winning playwright they said Martyna Majok points out that sometimes survival is the only measure of success. I’ve seen my mother go through similar things. Choosing practical security over intangible things like love and pride.

But here were all these people standing, witnessing, moved. And I think in her heart she knew she was valued. Tony Award nominee Marin Ireland (Reasons to Be Pretty) will reprise her critically-acclaimed performance in the Geffen Playhouse production of playwright Martyna Majok’s Ironbound, which will run January 30 March 4, 2018. The other important reason to see the play is for the way it illuminates the American experience through the immigrant’s journey. At a moment when the issue of immigration is being used as a political football, it’s easy for some to distance themselves emotionally from the debate. Darja asks Maks in their early flashback scene.

Darja, the lonely, unfulfilled antihero of Ironbound, at the Geffen Playhouse, grants actor Marin Ireland a showcase for her vast talents. In lesser hands, Darja, a woman who seems to live only to survive, is a character that could turn off audiences, but Ireland finds Darja’s unsinkable core and hooks us along with it. The scene with Vic, whose identity is intentionally confusing, is somewhat complicated by the casting of Spears. (He’s not the frail presence called for by the script.) But the character’s bull-in-a-china-shop friendliness adds a fresh charge to a play that is threatening to become suffocatingly glum. Maks dreams of making it big as a blues musician in Chicago, but Darja is simply grateful for steady employment. And I clean old woman, she explains in the broken English she’s determined to improve.

Tony nominee Marin Ireland repeats her acclaimed performance in Martyna Majok’s portrait of a woman fighting to survive in America. Chris Messina (The Mindy Project, Argo) will play Darja’s boyfriend Tommy, one of three men in her life. Charles McNulty is the theater critic of the Los Angeles Times. He received his doctorate in you can try here dramaturgy and dramatic criticism from the Yale School of Drama. There are two main reasons to see Ironbound. First and foremost is Ireland’s nuanced handling of a figure traditionally relegated to the margins of American drama and society. Tommy, a heel with a conscience, is played by Camargo with rubbery body language.

Critics praised Majok’s gripping writing, as well as Ireland’s complex portrayal that spanned more than 20 years in the central character’s life. During the three eras the play finds her in, she remains trapped by her circumstances of navigate here poverty, crummy choices, and always running on empty. But there’s still spirit in this immigrant, who cleans rich women’s houses, suffers through slave labor in a paper factory, and relies on the useless men who always let her down.

ironbound geffen

Ireland, who’s able to slough off years from her character’s age by simply turning her head, reveals all that has been lost over time in a portrait that connects history with psychology and fate with brute economic facts. In the play’s opening scene, Darja tries to negotiate a deal with two-timing Tommy. Years of scratching out a subsistence living have taught her to put a price tag on everything, even intimacy. Money is what she wants, because without money there is no security.

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