INSOMNIA Synonyms: 7 Similar And Opposite Words

opposite of insomnia

It involved 35 people with narcolepsy and idiopathic insomnia. All of them participated in a six-session program arranged try what he says by a psychologist through videoconferencing. This smart device tracks your sleep-wake cycle and identifies disruptions.

It’s important to see your sleep specialist for follow-up appointments. This is why teenagers often go to bed later than more info both younger children and adults. As we get older, we tend to go to bed and wake up at earlier times of the day.

opposite of insomnia

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Also known as excessive daytime sleepiness, hypersomnia can be either a primary or secondary condition. Short-term insomnia is usually due to stress or a distressing event. blog But some people have long-term insomnia, also called chronic insomnia. Insomnia may be the main problem, or it may be related to other medical conditions or medicines.

People with hypersomnia are often misunderstood as being lazy or incompetent and educating them on this condition will help your relationships. Disorders in this category are usually tied to underlying health conditions. This disorder can be particularly dangerous because it increases the risk of accidents either at their workplace or on the road during a late-night or early-morning commute.

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About 10% of the world’s population experience insomnia that qualifies as a medical condition. It’s usually not dangerous, and there are many ways including medications and mental health options to treat it. It was initially approved for treating excessive daytime sleepiness and cataplexy in people with narcolepsy. It is now prescribed to treat idiopathic hypersomnia too. Your doctor can recommend a treatment plan based on your primary hypersomnia type.

These strategies include avoiding bright light during the day, bright light exposure at work, and maintaining an optimal sleep environment. Melatonin supplements or hypnotics can serve as sleep aids during the day, but these are a temporary fix and will not correct circadian misalignment. Most people experience jet lag after flights that pass over multiple time zones.

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