Insomnia: Cast, Plot, Guide To New Vicky McClure Drama

insomnia cast

Leanne Best (Compulsion, Bolan’s Shoes) is playing Emma’s estranged sister Phoebe, who shows up in town without a word of warning, while Corinna Marlowe (Hysteria) is Emma’s mother, Patricia. Dominic Tighe, Jade Harrison, Lyndsey Marshal, Robert Gilbert and Michelle Bonnard round out the cast. Insomnia follows Emma Averill (Vicky McClure), a successful career woman, wife and mother who starts to suffer from insomnia (sleep deprivation) a few weeks before her 40th birthday. What’s scary is that the exact same thing happened to her mother, who suffered a violent psychotic breakdown on the night of her own 40th. Emma’s mother had warned her that she had the same bad blood’ and would suffer an identical fate, so when history starts to repeat itself Emma is terrified for her future. As events worsen, Emma’s world begins to unravel and she realises she must delve into her painful past to find the answers to her present and prevent a second tragedy in the family.

Burr rushes to the wounded Dormer and comforts him by affirming that Eckhart’s shooting was accidental, then moves to throw away the 9 mm shell casing to preserve Dormer’s reputation. Dormer says, “Just let me sleep”, and his response dies as Burr puts the shell casing back in the evidence bag. Insomnia would be the last film directed by Nolan to receive an R-rating from the Motion Picture Association of America until the release of Oppenheimer in 2023.

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After a scuffle in which Dormer grabs Finch’s shotgun, Finch shoots Dormer with Burr’s gun, and Dormer shoots and kills Finch with the shotgun. Because of Eckhart’s pending testimony, Dormer knows that internal affairs source will never believe the shooting was an accident, so he claims that Eckhart was shot by the suspect. Burr is put in charge of the shooting investigation, and her team finds the bullet that hit the officer.

Rushing to the fallen figure, Dormer picks up a .38 pistol the suspect had dropped. Eckhart recognizes him, and dies believing Dormer shot him on purpose. The film follows two Los Angeles homicide detectives investigating read what he said the murder of a teenage girl in Nightmute, Alaska. After the killer witnesses an accidental shooting committed by one of the detectives, they create a plan for both parties to mutually avoid prosecution.

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insomnia cast

When Finch claims Randy has a gun, Dormer realizes Finch has discovered the planted gun and has hidden it at Randy’s home. Dormer frantically searches Randy’s house for the gun, and hides when the police arrive. The police find the gun at the house and Randy is arrested. Finch asks Burr to come to his lake house the next day to collect letters indicating that Randy abused Kay.

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